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Architectural Technologist – Vectorworks 2014

NemVW_logoIts out, Vectorworks 2014 is now released. I have received about 10 emails to this effect in the last few days, plus I have also received Jon Pickups new 2013 3D modelling manual, plus I got the 2013 landmark tutorial manual as well, its all go for Vectorworks.

But first Vectorworks 2014, the new software includes more than 130 improvements that were developed for better modelling, BIM management, interoperability, usability, performance, and quality. The 2014 product line also features new BIM tools for architects, increased site design capabilities for landscape architects and designers, as well as enhancements to lighting devices, documentation, and graphic controls for entertainment designers.

The following list provides a sampling of what design professionals will find inside Vectorworks 2014 software:

  • Enhanced 3D Modelling
  • Better BIM Tools
  • New Site Design Capabilities
  • Improved Interoperability
  • Usability Improvements
  • Robust Rendering
  • Increased Compatibility
  • Cloud Services and Mobile Solutions

For one of the best write ups about Vectorworks and Nemetschek, try reading this excellent article on the upFront.Ezine site.

As always not all the improvements will be available for all packages, so users of Fundamentals, Architect,Landmark and Designer will need to check to see just what they have.

As soon as I can I will looking some of the feature and see just what we get for our money, but until then this nice little promo video is rather cool, does it sound like Google Glass oe what !.

Architectural Technologist – Off line for broadband upgrade

Light reflected from optical fiber illuminates...

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At long last, my village, has had fibre optic cables installed by BT, so at long last, I can upgrade to a faster brodband, this brings both joy and heart ache, the joy is the speed, 20 mbs download and 6 mbs upload, the heart ache is the transfer over, last time I had it done, I was off line for the best part of the day, and it took me sveral days to get everything working again, particularly email, so as I write this on Sunday morning, I’m wondering if when you read this I will be online. will my email work, will I be able to get a wifi signal, will the phone site work, , will it be trouble free, so many variables !.



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