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Facebook Page

001_FacebookFor so long I have been rejecting the idea that I will ever use a Facebook Page for my CPD links, but in recent weeks, I have been trying it out and its so easy to post a link, article or just a comment, so I am going to step up and give it a go for a few more weeks, all I do I hope will be posted here, via the great program iFTTT, which will monitor what I post and list it here.

The address for the Konstrukshon CPD web page on Facebook is :


Or search for “Konstrukshon CPD”

Please check it out, and post any comments or even repost


Certified Chimney Systems

schiedel chimneyI have to install a new chimney system to a house I am extending, so as always I did a trawl on the internet, and found the Schiedel system, and its seems I have looked at this before, because my Evernote app to Chrome showed it up in the side bar search as well, so I have just downloaded some tech stuff and the DWG file, not much to write home about, but its a clever neat system, that has the right warranties and tech backup, so its getting specified.

Adding information into Evernote is so useful to the Technologist, not because its easy to get at, but the background search and show in just about every browser,  is so handy. I recently read that Memory sticks can not only contain virus and nasty stuff embedded in the files, but the actual software inside the stick can be hacked, so any self respecting system manager is not going to be happy with you plugging in a stick with all your details and spec information on it, so perhaps the cloud offers the answer, dropbox, flickr, and of course Google Drive, but Evernote offers so much more.

This week I was in the University library and was browsing the shelf looking for a specific book, but as always I found several I thought might be interesting, so I took a photo from within Evernote, and made a few types comments, the internal OCR will read the book binder photo and make it available for search, and show it up in my Google screen. I am happy, the system IT man is happy and I get instand recall of information, Oh and yes I tag.

Architectural Technologist – ifTTT

iftttIf you are a office blogger, freelance blogger, or the office site manager, you really should get to grips with ifTTT, its one of the most useful free automation tools there is, and just recently several new features or links have been made.

The links to google have been expanded, in that if I make a blog in WordPress, I can add components of that blog to a Google doc spreadsheet, this opens up a serious automation of my CPD notes and dates, ok I have this already but what about automating my CPD records.

Take for instance setting up a wordpress.com site just to record your CPD activity, rather like this site, and making a link to a new google doc spreadsheet, instantly you have a very nice base for CPD record keeping.

Its not restricted to WordPress, I have made links to Evernote to do much the same, in fast I have added several new rules to ifTTT to send tweets for my flickr photos.

For the office blogger of Site manager, this is something you might want to explore to advertise and automate your office media work.

Once you have an account, try out the other sites that allow ifTTT to access the data, Google is becoming more integrated, so is a load of other sites, now just to large to list.

Architectural Technologist – Citation

I have for over three years, been writing more than ever, my blog, well make that plural, blogs, my articles and just recently a number of papers.

I have, because if this been citing other papers as reference material, I use predominately Scholar.google.com as my first port of call, but have also use www.citeulike.org and Citeseerx, although Googles site seems to be a search of so many site offering papers, that I tend not to look much further than their findings.

But one recent new site is called, tweet2cite.com and with all the information being loaded up to twitter, it seems only right we should have a way to site relevant tweets, built by Ben Hedlund as a bit of a tutorial and research tool, its suddenly found a place in research and paper writing. See the excellent article in full on The Atlantic new site.

Here is an example of a tweet I have made on sound in design scays (scays). “New post: Architectural technologist – Sound and design http://t.co/SG6WonT0t2.” 27 Sep 2013, 07:07 UTC. Tweet. just search on the twitter site, click on the detail button for the right tweet, and copy the URL, place this in the search bar and you get a simple choice between MLA or API formats, I used MLA.

You al know my love of bothe Evernote and Post it notes, well the two have got together and with colour coordination of the post it note, and perhaps the elephant logo, sorted a way to track the note, I might have mentioned my love of the to do list on post it notes, so this is a marriage made in post it land. Read the full article on the Wall Street journal.

Well that's it for the weekend,


Architectural Technologist – # taggs, How to prepare for a competition

I have been thinking about quick and easy ways to share links and articles and have come up with a hashtag of #CPDshare that does not seem to be used by anyone on Twitter, so I have started to use it share information. It's easy to use, only uses 9 letters so plenty of space left to add a shortened URL and some explanation text, please give it a try. I will put a note onto the website as a permanent notice to remind people.

The film trailer shown below, will be an interesting film, due out later this year. It's the way several big practices create submit ions for a competition. Every practice does it different, in some it's a locked room, some it's a lot of 10″ roll and hot coffee, some just sketch some have to use a drawing board. Some model in card, others balsa wood and a variety of materials.

In my career, I have done all, and spent some late nights to complete a drawing set, plus models and materials Sample boards, but the end result is much the same. The CPD here is obvious, the more you practice the better the end result, same goes for model making, don't expect to leave it a year or so before taking up the knife and card, practice every now and then.

So that's it another week gone with so much not done. The photo today is of an old book on surveying, always interesting, so many rely upon electronic devises, me included, but don't forget the basics and trig.


The Competition. Trailer from OFFICE FOR STRATEGIC SPACES/OSS on Vimeo.


Architectural Technologist – Specifiers tweet

I had a very interesting message from Darren Lester, who runs the SpecifiedBy web site re a little project, he is into, where specifiers can tweet their building product or supplier requirements to @socialspec or #socialspec this is then retweeted to a network of other specifiers and relevant profesionals who simply respond with help or recommendations. A great way to get help and information, I have signed up and we will see, as twitter is global I can see this will have to be a very specific tweet, with country and request all in the min 140 word count.

It looks like this came about by natural mean, but the phrase social specification can be attributed to Craig Sewell.

Want more information then go to this web page Darren has set up specially or go to twitter and follow @socialspec

This might just catch on, I will trial it and see if I get any help or response

This might prove very usefull for your CPD, and any research.

Architectural Technologist – Technology and me

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

I some time wonder if Technology, that is computer technology and me were ever ment to meet, so this is a blog to test my latest twitter feed update has worked, and I’m glad to say it has, so every blog will produce a twitter feed, something I wanted to achieve ages ago.

This completes most of my basic social network feeds, Google+, twitter, Linkedin and facebook. All being fed by my Konstrukshon CPD weblog page.

Don’t forget, I will host a tech hangout every Friday at 3 pm, call in to chat, moan,find out something, anything to do with Architectural Technology. follow me on Google + “+stevescaysbrook”


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