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Architectural Technologist – Home Smart house – is it here

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It will come, there is no stopping it and you should get to grips with it, what you might ask, Home WiFi, no not your normal home wifi to connect to the web, this is to allow all the other bits and pieces your fridge, home security, lights and the rest, talk to the net, and each other. Gigaom has an excellent article that outlines this with a review of the Belkin WiFi adaptor, WeMo system, that does all of this and probably more. The Motion Sensor, is ideal for so many things.

For us as Technologists, I can easily see it expanding to small smart sensors in the wall, looking at temp, humidity, stress/stain gages, tank levels, water and gas pressures, outside temp, in fact a whole host of appliances that help the well being of any domestic house.

So is the smart house creeping up on us, quicker than we might think, well yes, particularly as photo volataic panels gain more ground and wind and other means of power generation in the home are norm, the idea that my system could talk to the next system and sell energy is fast becoming a reality, and not Sci Fi .You might also ask, just how long will satellite continue, in it’s current form,



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