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Google onhub the big picture

Google Onhub

Google Onhub

You may have heard me go on, in recent posts about the way my wifi drops has very load speeds, and in general just does not work, forcing me to use a hardwire link for my internet, where I get speeds in excess of 50mbs instead of less than 1mbs over my wifi, is Google onhub the big picture, being missed, read on.

My experience out and about is not much better, I live on the southside of Birmingham, where you might think I get high speed mobile 3G and 4G, and in the most part I do, but there are glaring gaps, and it disrupts my workflow plus my music far to regularly. Plus the amount of access to the internet given by my provider O2 is so often not enough, I end up with no coverage at all late in the month.

So when I see two separate avenues being created by Google, I started to sit back and look at the big picture, what is the main thing they do not control, yet might be the biggest obstacle to innovation and seriously harm their existing product portfolio, dam right its the mobile access to the internet.

The already well established long term project to get Google Fibre into major cities in the USA, and now Europe, is part 1 of their efforts to move the control of the phone companies to themselves. The introduction of the Google router onhub, is the second part of this movement, first to establish local wifi with some clout, better speeds and a more secure environment, but more important, to allow Google to offer better access to the net, by their customers from the millions of home onhub routers, that almost everyone in the industry sees as over spec’d and far more powerful than is really needed for home use.

You might now wonder why we have both a telephone number and an email address, why not just one, I use google for most of my calls, and after a while I began to see the real benefit of just my email address, no country codes, a fast system, easy video calls, and if connected to google fibre via one on the may onhub systems, a cheap no barrier to use system.

After all this, what does this have to do with CPD and Architecture, well look at the way I run my own practice, I work partly from home and partly from University, I have a Skype telephone number, and can receive calls wherever I am. but as most of my communication is email, and google hangout, with  Skype thrown in.

I rarely get mobile calls these days, so I have to ask, is a phone number really a business tool. Internet and the vast number of excellent apps is far better, all that’s stopping it is the mobile operators who insist on a NUMBER.

Take also my home line, I have no use whats so ever for a land line number, yet bt insist I have one and charge me for it.


Architectural Technologist – 3D sensors and mobile phones push CAD

Google Glass with Prescription Glass Frame...Google has unveiled a prototype smartphone with “customised hardware and software” that enables it to create 3D maps of a user’s surroundings. This article expands upon the news in some depth. The device’s sensors allow it make over 250,000 3D measurements every second and update its position in real-time. the effect of this on our drawings and the real time use of BIM is undeniably big.

Now we have no choice but to draw in 3D, even if the client or contractor wants tradtional 2D drawing, technology is dragging us into the 3D world.

You might argue that the phones will not become available for some time, true, but the development time is so short, we can easily expect these functions to be here in say two or three years max, and they will be looking at drawings on the net, we are drawing now.

The related articles on the net show this is not just a singular article but is being seen across the board, the CPD is obvious, if your not into 3D, then you now need too be, and as for BIM, then its obvious that this technology needs to be used far more and become even richer.

As sensors are added to even the most day to day phone that want to pickup a building 3D nature and  together with plans on Google Maps to navigate, and add that extra rich level of information, that most if not all levels on humanity will want, especially people who have sight, problems.

Consider Google Glass, and the effect this might have on our profession, seeing drawings overlaid on what you see. This video is required watching.


Architectural Technologist – iPhone upgrade or not

Burning man

Burning man

I have a decision to make, what do I do about my iPhone 4, keep and wait, spend and upgrade, move to another system. I must admit spending a vast amount on a new phone, is not an option, unless O2 can come up with a deal, I'm not going there. Keeping my current iPhone is certainly an option, it is one of the best I have ever had, calls are no problem, photo and video are excellent, and the apps I have function so well, I miss Siri and what it might bring, but from what I here, it's not that god in the UK, the battery lasts all day, and it's not scratched, cracked or Broken, so keeping it is a serious option.

Next is the obvious swap from iPhone and Apple, to Android, would that be a problem, well perhaps not, my diary, address book, and email are all google, what do I use Apple for, well nothing really, I save photos to IPhoto, but the Mac side of iPhoto is so slow, I am seriously contemplating swapping all my photos to Picasa, I have been looking at it recently and it's fast, does all I want and works well with Google+ , a place I am increasingly blogging to, and links into Blogsy. Is there an app I might miss, not really, the app store on Android is just as good, if not better is some areas, so swapping to android is a district possibility, provided price and service levels are met.

So there are the choices, staying were I am, is my current favourite, I have a system that works, and I am paying less for my iPhone than I have ever done, the hot spot works very well, so here I stay, until the presure builds, I am already getting calls from O2 to upgrade, saying the new system is faster, but it's not, LTE is not available yet and from the look of it, will not be available for some time, and what's speed to a good phone anyway, will it make any difference to a phone call, not really.

Today's photo is of Burning man, again, I like the way it looks, and from what I have been reading, was planned, it did not evolve. No CPD, well it's a weekend, take a break, and enjoy what's left of the summer, we have been holding back on putting the heating on, but might just let it rip tonight for say an hour just to take the edge of, we were cold last night for the third night in a row, no more !!!!.

Today is Keith Floyd day, well it is in my diary, one of the best TV cooks ever, so here is to Keith.


Architectural Technologist – Gmail phone

Google in 1998, showing the original logo
Image via Wikipedia

Again the rest of the world has to wait for one of the biggest innovations to come out of Google, being the Gmail phone, so why mention it if its only a USA service at present.  well we are here for CPD and , perhaps its in the organisation of any Architects office, and we all are accepting the fact that having a good broadband service is going to be paramount, so the CPD is about office organisation, and your connection to the net,   in the uploading and receiving of files, and your communication requirement. This little video had me wishing that Google speeds up its deployment of this service into Europe ASAP. or I’m moving to the USA. As a last item, lets not forget Skype, and until there is anything in Gmail phone to beat all the free services like screen share, picture in picture and the general good quality of Skype its just good to look at this CPD item as a whole

As for the photo its I think the original google home page.



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