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Facebook Page

001_FacebookFor so long I have been rejecting the idea that I will ever use a Facebook Page for my CPD links, but in recent weeks, I have been trying it out and its so easy to post a link, article or just a comment, so I am going to step up and give it a go for a few more weeks, all I do I hope will be posted here, via the great program iFTTT, which will monitor what I post and list it here.

The address for the Konstrukshon CPD web page on Facebook is :


Or search for “Konstrukshon CPD”

Please check it out, and post any comments or even repost


Architectural Technologist – Evernote update

I am well known for my use of Evernote, I use it for just about everything, well now it's about to be moved from just about, to almost everything, because of Evernote's ability to not only search internally photos and PDF, but get this, Page documents and word documents as well as spreadsheets and presentations, without opening them, this is a massive move for me.

I did a test on a pages document, and it found it immediately, opened a quick look and gave me an option to open it's in pages to work on it, ausum. I even did it on my iPad and it's blisteringly fast and just as useful.