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ifTTT and Mac IOS

CookerOne of the Professors at BCU was complaining about not being able to multi post, I suggested ifTTT and the Mac IOS, I use it a lot to make sure I post to twitter from this blog, also I use it for Evernote, I have a link to my Google Library, so when I open up Evernote in a new note, the heading is already set.

But it was this post I saw on ifTTT to save batter life, but also to stop me logging onto stray wifi signals, i don’t know why, but my iPhone gives priority to wifi over my 4G, and so often it hangs waiting for me to register, and I am left wondering why no email.

You can get this and a load more so useful links and rule set on using ifTT with IOS following this link to the Macworld site.

A New Mac but Dropbox saves the day

Portugal_Cumberlandia_tile_jfI have had one of those weeks, my Mac went screwy, and I had to go to the local Apple store, no point in mucking about trying to fix it, even I knew that the graphics card was on its way, I had seen the signs some time back, but it held on and I continued.

But last week, it made the final move, and I got half a screen and lots of strange horizontal lines, the net chat boards said, the card was fried, could be fixed, but was going to be expensive with no promise of lasting,,,,, best to bight the bullet and buy a new Mac.

So there I am looking at a Top line Macbook Pro, with 1TB of drive, and my card severely dented. Next problem, all my data, luckily, I have for a few years alway kept all my files within Dropbox, so a swift trip to their web site, sign in and wait for a few hours for it all to transfer, so neat, so clean, and just no just trying to reload a backup.

Next problem the 20,000 or so photos in iPhoto, this required a trip back to the Apple store and 10 mins later I knew how to transfer the file across, dead easy, just start the old machine up holding down the “T” and the old machine is seen as an external drive, drag it across and we are done.

Then its reloading some of my programs, I use Google Docs for the vast portion of my writing, so no problem, but Vectorworks needed reloading and so did my Academic copy of Autocad, both easy to do.

The Mac had also been busy talking to the net and was synced up with iClod and my other machines. So a day later I am back up and running, the new Mac is so quick, no waiting, and the solid state hard drive is great.

Dropbox, I have to say, saved the day, just no hassle, no conflict, no nothing, just worked with so little from me to do. so all you small offices who rely on servers, and what else, go to dropbox, the small cost every years is so worth it, especially when you machine is on the last legs and you buy new. And there lies the CPD, its all about setting up an office, using and office and not loosing data.

As for my vast, and I do mean vast repository in Evernote, again a simple reload of the program and all is back.

Todays photo is rather interesting, in that its part of a set of tiles found that depict geometry, they are quite old and no one seems to know what or when they were made, but given my current interest in surveying and my teaching of the subject, this excellent article on Scientific America and photo set is well worth following up.


Architectural Technologist – More on google Docs

Following on from my articles on google docs, I found this nice little video for accessing and using google docs away from you main laptop or desk top machine, and on your iPad.

Unfortunatly Google presentations are available to view but not to generate them, bit of a bummer for me, but the doc and spreadsheet, options are, and they are great.

I use google docs on a lot so having access via my iPad is a huge bonus, I am writing a couple of books at present, and they are all on google docs. For straight text there is no better, adding pictures and formatting I find fiddlley, but then I use Apple Pages for that, ,,,,,, google can't have it all !!!.

You might want to add this to your general CPD file on office and development,


Architectural Technologist – Google Docs introduces Add Ons

Google docs add ons

Google Docs add ons

I am a massive user of google Doc's, for sharing it beats almost any other offering, I recently advised one client to drop the old and to be honest very troublesome server, and go whole sale to google! there was a little adverse feedback! but once they were into it! after a week of uploading old files into google docs! all was and still is fine.

As I might just have told you the HTML option from share to the web if fantastic and allows so much freedom in keeping a single file and sharing it so much.

No dropped server, email that works, and a sharing system that beat any other. So when I see that Google is offering add ons to doc's! I have to let you know, Lifehacker has an excellent article on this and a great list

For any new practice setting up, google gmail and docs is going to save you a bundle! but do not get the idea of all online being good! for those who travel! getting a signal is sometimes just difficult, so the offline option is great.

I think I have the best option, I use Mac, love gmail, and use doc's for almost all my writing! but still use Apple pages for a lot of book writing! and general article generation. As always, the CPD ,is just keeping ahead of the game,


Architectural Technologist – Shipping Container Architecture

Carroll House Shipping Container HomeI love this style of accommodation,  Shipping Container Architecture provides such a useful pre made yet oddly satisfying Architecture.

The more I see of it, the more I want to try it out, sadly we have not gone that far,,,, yet, but there is still time.

One of my students at Gloucester is using this subject as part of a project, it will be interesting to see what hey come up with, but until then have a look at the Designboom site, there are some very interesting projects.

Architectural Technologist – Dark Fibre

A Mast @ RossmoreAs if its a big sup prise to any one, that Google , Facebook, and properly Apple, are buying up the remains of the dark Fibre, you know the fibre optic cable left over from the last internet bubble, thats never been used.

If there is one thing that mucks up any overseas holiday, or my travel plans to visit universities to mark, is the crap service wifi and internet access via mobile pnesnwe get, particularly overseas, why oh why do I have to pay so much, and be limited in what I send, O2 have a 50mb limit, what !,  I make a few photos and some video, and my mobile is looking to upload it to both Flickr Google, Apple and Dropbox, thats the first few days only of photos that eaten up the allowance, after that I am looking for free to access wifi, certainly thats what happened in the USA in October when we made a visit.

You might be wondering why I mention it on a CPD blog site, simple, it’s part of my running a practice whilst I travel rant. I need to keep in touch, I can more or less do this anywhere in the UK, I even take a peek at several sites that show the phone towers  to see if I am heading into trouble, its even influenced my hotel choice, never believe a hotel when it says they have wifi, they might have, but it’s limited, or only free for 10 mins after which there is a huge fee. so now I look for masts. look at this database of mast sites, the map is very useful, zoom in to your location, the mast locations do not show until you really get close on.

So back to the original article, Google and the big boys buying up dark fibre, why not, its must be a major chink in their development plans to be controlled by these tin pot ex phone companies who control our access to the net, so why not start to deliver it them selves, best way to allow innovation, and stop the control.

so there it is, the CPD is check out the phone mast to get a reasonable signal, and if your overseas, check the hotel wifi first, it saves frustration and anger.

Architectural Technologist – Did I over Blog and my Office duties

Home OfficeAt the CIAT AGM meet in London on Saturday, I was pleased to meet up with a lot of od friends, and was particularly pleased to see Karl Grace take over the presidency for the next two years During al the speeches and presentations I blogged quite heavily, not direct to twitter, but via Facebook, although my Facebook pages are auto posted on twitter. I got one comment that I was being a little to open, I thought about this over the weekend and decided that I was not being to open, but perhaps I should have gone direct to Twitter to post comments, after all Facebook, I have always used just to stay in touch with family. I was using my iPad to post, so the small keyboard argument of the iPhone was not a problem, I usually only post to twitter from my phone and my fingers do not always match the key size.

So I move on, and look to the week ahead and what vI want to achieve, I try so hard to keep Sunday as a family day and limit my online time, so Monday is always my reflection day, who do I need to talk to, and what do I need to send out and when, the list is always long, and so often these days contain things rolling over from last week,

I have the usual Evernote archive of items to complete, including the CIAT nots sent to me, I so wish they would give the option to receive in digital format, but paper it was, so my notes in the side and the blogs I posted need putting into Evernote, and tagging,

Next comes the inevitable list of contacts I want to make, those phone calls and emails, that keep my business running, and talking about business, I need to take a little time at some place in the week to invoice, you know, some one once said to me, that running a home office business, is all about paperwork, the  hidden amount of work that you need to do, just to remain in business, bank statements, invoices, collection of money, when I worked for some one, this was all hidden, as an almost sole trader, I have to do this, and it takes time,,, a lot of time. This excellent UK oriented site is a good start.

So there it is, my start to the week, and no CPD in sight yet, although as soon as I get round to my class notes to this week, it will start, it has been a long time since I used a total station, and I need to revise, plus a small project in Wales will need some research for piles and timber frame. My plan to get a CPD event in this month is being tried by other commitments, and a date I had set for the 28th Nov now need to be moved, so top priority is to make contact with the company to move it, if we can. The West Midlands CIAT region 5 want to hold a planning meeting and this, in my view is really important, so change I will.

So there it is, my week, and its not even started.