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Architectural Technologist – Dark Fibre

A Mast @ RossmoreAs if its a big sup prise to any one, that Google , Facebook, and properly Apple, are buying up the remains of the dark Fibre, you know the fibre optic cable left over from the last internet bubble, thats never been used.

If there is one thing that mucks up any overseas holiday, or my travel plans to visit universities to mark, is the crap service wifi and internet access via mobile pnesnwe get, particularly overseas, why oh why do I have to pay so much, and be limited in what I send, O2 have a 50mb limit, what !,  I make a few photos and some video, and my mobile is looking to upload it to both Flickr Google, Apple and Dropbox, thats the first few days only of photos that eaten up the allowance, after that I am looking for free to access wifi, certainly thats what happened in the USA in October when we made a visit.

You might be wondering why I mention it on a CPD blog site, simple, it’s part of my running a practice whilst I travel rant. I need to keep in touch, I can more or less do this anywhere in the UK, I even take a peek at several sites that show the phone towers  to see if I am heading into trouble, its even influenced my hotel choice, never believe a hotel when it says they have wifi, they might have, but it’s limited, or only free for 10 mins after which there is a huge fee. so now I look for masts. look at this database of mast sites, the map is very useful, zoom in to your location, the mast locations do not show until you really get close on.

So back to the original article, Google and the big boys buying up dark fibre, why not, its must be a major chink in their development plans to be controlled by these tin pot ex phone companies who control our access to the net, so why not start to deliver it them selves, best way to allow innovation, and stop the control.

so there it is, the CPD is check out the phone mast to get a reasonable signal, and if your overseas, check the hotel wifi first, it saves frustration and anger.

Architectural Technologist – More help for the new Architectural Technologist Student

iPad wordmark.

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Some people, after reading my comments on setting up for a new student, wanted to know why I did not mention the iPad, well if you can afford it, then by all means, but my intention was to cut the cost, and if I was setting up my student life, I would go for a new good laptop, good software and mobile phone,  with plenty of space and a decent camera option, then if money availed, I might look at the iPad, but its a luxury, for note taking and reading, your laptop will do all of this and allow much greater control for presentation and research.

I would spend as much as I dare on the laptop, stuff it full of memory, a large, 1TB hard drive, and a good backup plan, Presentation is king, content is required, ease of use and speed is just needed, and some times the iPad just does not deliver, when I’m working on a report, I have several programs open, I want to copy screens save webpages, do all the multiple things we take for granted, all possible on the laptop, but not on the iPad, so that’s why I did not mention it, OK, if you see me at any CPD event, I will only have my iPad, and I’m taking notes, that’s all, its easy and simple, but it cost me well over £450, money I would spend else where if I was a student, such as perhaps a good printer, you will have access to printing at Uni, but its generally not free, and if your running late, then your going to have to que with all the others, so a decent A3 at a min, printer is also part of my kit recommendation, and a decent collection of paper. The Brother A3 printer scanner is excellent. You will use the scanner more than you realise.

Whilst I’m on the subject, I did not mention Evernote, , this was a mistake, I should have done, its the best piece of software you will ever get for research, clipping notes into a central archive, and now its part of Skitch, it’s a must, but more on this later

So there it is, more notes on starting Uni, if I had to do it again, I would make sure I had a decent office style space, plenty of room for making reports and assignments, good storage space for paper style books, plenty of wall space for showing drawings. If you’re in student rooms, or in digs, sharing, office space for work is my priority, and decent kit, remember, your there to get a good degree, poor work, bad presentation, and lousy research will not cut.





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Architectural Technologist – Photovoltaic Wifi Charger

Solar cells on a Photovoltaic panel at the Nat...

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This is an interesting article by Dr Zarha. W. Dobson, she wrote and asked if I would like to post a tech paper on charging my portable devices without cables, of course I was interested, particularly as it’s done with photovoltaic cell devices. This is only the second time I have posted a paper from another source, if you have something to say, send me your paper.


Who Else Wants a Photovoltaic Wifi Charger?

So there’s this very new phenomenon running along side our passion with the most desirable wifi tools [1], and it’s how to best get their batteries completely full. With lots of the modern pads and pc tablets, mobile handsets, and laptops the only general headache is the most suitable alternative to get them charged. I started off asking what I would do with many of these numerous products and now I ask myself what I’d do without them. I additionally worry nighttime if I’ve got each of them on their proper cables and charging up for the day ahead.

When the tech products originally hit the arena there were cords interconnected with the Flash slots on the home computer. This appeared like a relatively fresh approach for me originally. I was a follower of the ease with which one could very easily plug the item in at nighttime while reviewing email. Unluckily, like numerous things, this quickly became a trouble. How can I have my device with me around the house if it has to remain plugged in at the laptop computer?

Later arrived the Universal series bus wall adapter. I went seeking out one of these shortly after my 1st smart phone acquisition. I wanted to put it into the wall in my bedroom and so I would’ve it with me at bedtime, however I did not have anything but the Universal serial bus charging wire to charge up it. The next thing I discovered, the wall adapter was coming with many of the accessories I purchased.

In the last couple of years, I have started to learn and pay attention to information concerning wireless charging mats. From whatever I recognized first, they were wanting precise cases for the products to make use of them. Fairly recently, this was deleted. The world of wire-less recharging is going to bust wide open. We need to place a pin in that field. We will be back shortly. Now, we should instead cover the power of alternative concept [2]. Various naysayers to eco-friendly technology will say it’s tree-hugging talk to get folks to buy higher priced units and that it’s all a ridiculous attempt mainly because none of the terrible consequences are definitely occurring. Although that is real, the solely main problem with that argument is how many individuals are in the planet. As a result of the number of individuals existing on the planet and the number of them using coal and gas powered electrical energy, we have started to have a difficulty. Now think about the group of them that will have kids and precisely how that will boost the number of folks utilising electrical power and non-renewable fuels. The best conscientious thing to do is for hi-tech to promote environmentally friendly alternatives currently that can become green needs in the future [3].

That being said, ladies and gentleman, I show to you the 1st renewable alternative to charge up wi-fi your cellular items, Panasonic’s innovative solar-powered wire-less charging table. Due to be released at the end of this year or early 2012, the most recent table will make use of solar power accumulated by the solar cells on the face of the table to power the gadgets put on the table! It’s the future of a renewable solar technology that is Qi enabled. Exactly what is Qi you may well ask? Qi has been made by the wifi power association as a normal specs to be chosen by the manufactures of recharging accessories, like our completely new table, and the tools which they will charge up, much like your brand new smart phone that is touch-screen equipped, sees text books and has a foldout full-sized key pad. This very new Qi engineering has only been known since the beginning of this season, but people are expecting easy integration and a score of device releases. Utilizing Qi with older wire less gizmos is reassured, and we will surely be learning more information on Panasonic’s innovative solar-powered wifi charging table and lots of other Qi enabled rechargers soon. If you want to learn more about solar power and ways to add it in your daily life I would like to show you these alternative resources:

– [1] Here you can read more in detail the info relating to the solar table. On Youtube.com I have found the <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwMC7f6cUto“>Japan shop 2011 tour</a> that reveals the solar power charging table and other products and services displayed in Tokyo, Japan.

– [2] Here you could have a clear vision on the way to use power from the sun to re-charge most unit’s batteries (i.e. cellphone, car batteries, etc…). If you are not able to pay the investment to install a non-commercial solar energy system, it might be an excellent beginning to introduce you to solar power systems. 12voltsolarpanels.net is a totally free web log maintained by Hettie that shares her viewpoints to help individuals complete the move from a full-time energy dependency to a productive energy efficiency. She provides some good suggestions on <a href=”http://www.12voltsolarpanels.net/rv-solar-panels-101-ultimate-guide-12-volt-battery-charging“>camper solar panels to help motorhome enthusiasts charge their battery packs and understand how a solar panel works to facilitate the utilization of solar panel products in their houses and other products.

– [3] If you’re able to afford the investment to set up solar energy panels on your house (or meet the requirements for solar tax credits or discounts), here some content pieces to help you understand how solar panel systems work and how to integrate them in your life. Poolsolarpanels.org is a non profits blog site that’s centered on pool heating. Rosalind (the writer) uses to say that this is often the starting point when choosing to implement solar power systems. The general public begin with <a href=”http://www.poolsolarpanels.org/“>swimming pool solar panels</a> and learn ho solar energy panels function, then prefer to pass to photovoltaic or pv for energy.

About the Author:

Dr Z. W. Dobson (http://twitter.com/dr_zara_dobson) is a former post doctoral analyst at the University of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She received a diploma in computer science and high-tech, and proceeded her analysis into a Ph.D. working in the Bio Medical and Multi media Information Tech at the University of Sydney, Australia. She was a writer for several leading publications in the renewable power niche i.e. “Renewable Energy World”. From ’05 to the present she is a guest writer for alternative energy web-sites, blogs and message boards.


Is this CPD, well yes, I rely upon my iPhone like you would not believe, from simple email to photos and telephone, to video and sound recording, I would like to be able to charge my phone without the need for cables, just place it on a table, but if the table is solar powered, Mmmmm this is interesting, just how far can we as technologists take this, in material design. The new iPhone and the wifi linking they are going to introduce places this tech realy high on my list.


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