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Architectural Technologist – Google Docs and my Teaching material Generation

Lullworth Cove Stram entering Cove BeachI have to generate a lot of teaching material at Gloucester College, as well as at Birmingham City University,  Up until recently I have used my Mac and Keynote, but recently I have been experimenting with Google Docs and using the share to web link to generate a link to the actual page, which Apples Keynote will not allow.

It means I can write teaching material as both Docs, and I prefer to do, Presentation slides, which I also share with my other teaching colleagues.

Any changes are automatically updated as people load up the link. I have used this technology from Goole for some time on their diary calendar, but just recently I have used it very successfully to spread presentation across several courses on the college Moodle system,

The example below is of a presentation I am preparing for Documentation across a project, which I am putting together for my students.

I used to use Architype in a practice I used to freelance in, I liked it a lot so as I know it, I have used it as an example of online document management, there are others I know, but its the one familiar to me.

For some reason the College Moodle like the smaller screen share, and its the one I have used as my demo.

As has been the case for some weeks now, I have been very busy, both teaching and working I’m my practice, long may it last I suppose, but the blog has had to take a back seat, till I get things under control, but fear not, its only temp, I shall be back on a daily basis, so very soon.t

Todays photo is one I took at Lullworth Cove, no link to the subject today, just one I liked. The stream entering the bay, clear as crystal.