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Surveying for the Architectural Technologist

Birmingham City University, United KingdomIf your on the final year Architectural Technologist course @ Birmingham City University you might want to read the first five chapters of the very excellent book “Surveying for Construction” William Irvine & Finlay Maclennan. I have also listed another excellent book below, that will also help.

It covers the minimum you will need to carry out the task I have in mind for you on your return, using a dumpy level and all the related equipment, much of this you might well have covered so its really just revision. But you will need to understand all the aspects.

Chapter 1

Surveying Fundimentals

Chapter 2

Understanding Maps and Plans

Chapter 3

Linear Surveying

Chapter 4


Chapter 5


Chapter 7

Theodolites & Total Stations

Chapter 8

Traverse Surveys

At the end of this section I expect you to be able to carry out a reasonably complex survey of a piece of land, draw the survey, accurately with contours, understand how they might affect your building, and hand the results and your survey notes over to a QS for further work.

I also want you to understand the difference between Latitude & Longitude and Easting & Northings,  Chapter 7 & 8 are a good into to this,

Architectural Technologists will be called upon to produce this type of broad survey many times in their career, at the least you might have to brief a survey team, at worst, you will need to do it yourself, quickly and acuratly.