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Facebook Page

001_FacebookFor so long I have been rejecting the idea that I will ever use a Facebook Page for my CPD links, but in recent weeks, I have been trying it out and its so easy to post a link, article or just a comment, so I am going to step up and give it a go for a few more weeks, all I do I hope will be posted here, via the great program iFTTT, which will monitor what I post and list it here.

The address for the Konstrukshon CPD web page on Facebook is :


Or search for “Konstrukshon CPD”

Please check it out, and post any comments or even repost


iPhone USB Memory Stick from Leef Bridge

Using Easting & Northing to set a travers surveyIts always a problem, one that I alway get when going away, the balance between my music, will I have enough to last two or three weeks, a few games, and enough space for my video & photos, of which I take a lot, all on my iPhone, its a memory issue, just not enough space.

Well this little gizmo might be the answer, called the Leef Bridge it allows storage extra to the iPad &  iPhones internal memory, plus it fits into the usb drive, good enough for me, so might just take a look at one, better than taking two phones with me just so I have all my music, and enough space for photos, without having to remove several laps I just might need.

I love the video, just right, and one I have seen, !!!

you can also take this for any survey, I take so many survey photos, I take a second older iPhone 4 with me just in case.

Todays photo is on a slide I made quickly to try and explain the way you can determine easting and northing and grid north from a simple traverse taking just two simple bearings and a couple of dimensions.

My Moleskin is Half empty

Moleskin half empty, or Half FullIts the weekend, and I am looking forward to University, I have so much to do, with both my practice and in preparing for lectures, I use Google Docs so have shared my lectures with the members of staff who I work with, but, and heres a big but, my Moleskin is looking a little full, I use it so much for general day to day notes, sketches, ideas and concepts, some times I sit and sketch an idea I have seen, rather than use my iPhone, its so much more intuitive to do it, the camera captures only what it sees, but sketching, I think, makes you see beyond. So today is a new Moleskin day, ready for my transfer.

I also have just paid for my Evernotte premier account again, I just could not do without it, storing “Stuff”, including captures of my Moleskin. I see so many executive, busy making notes at courses, and wonder, if they ever use them, it looks good, people are impressed, they are taking notes, but so often its a sham, they do not use them, capture the notes in Evernote, and let it become part of your Personal Archive.

So my next job is going to be a full 3D model, I have said this before, but this time it has to be, there will be pain, I know it, but after seeing the CostX presentation, I now can’t delay it, 3D it is. I an also looking at taking my Masters, Birmingham City University have a Masters in BIM, and its my intension the take it on, in the spring.

It looks like I have been using an old version of Skype, so this morning work was to reload it, I must say, this program has changed my life, I can talk all over the world, for free, show my screen, and send files, all for free, I even have a paid for telephone number, I just do not need the BT number I have, in fact its not listed any were, and I don’t use it, Skype is all I need.

It’s now official Gary Mees will be the next CIAT President, I am pleased for Gary, he has been about the CIAT system for so long, he knows how we work, and has put time into our profession.

Scanning Articles

ArcheaologyThis morning, its been a Scanning Articles marathon, by that, I mean I have been looking through that pile of free magazines, sales bunff, and other bits of article I have removed from tabloid papers. The pile has been substantially reduced and Evernote is now the wiser, or I will be, if I ever need the information, and every so often I do need it, as I search in Google, it comes up as a side panel, and shows that I did read something about the subject, and saved it away. I am away soon on hols, my laptop has been banned, but my iPad will be with me on the premise that I use it to read books, of which I have staked it up with a load of free books from Amazon Kindle store, The point here is that I will sync it as I leave and there will be a number of articles ready to read. So thats sunday morning, not a lot going on, just a little work, oh and several new jobs have come in, so a little paperwork to send out, and acknowledge. I have also rsarected an old iPhone 4, stipped it of all but essentials and left plenty of space for photos, my main phone will be used, but only in port, the spair as its now called will be for day to day use, I hate to see a good phone wasted, so this is a good chance to get some use for it, if it’s stollen, there is little on it that will show me or my personal life, the photos will be synced to a flickr account, so not lost.


My Watts Single point levelSo often when I visit site, I take loads and loads of photos, my iPhone is simple to use, there is no space problem and transferring is relatively simple. I also include video in this statement, as I see both Video and Stills as a source for recording a site.

The iPhone, and for that matter almost any modern phone, make this operation, simple easy and almost uncomplicated. I use several ways to upload, I have both Flickr and Google auto uploading, It save time and I have the setting set to use only WiFi, and the uploads set to private, so I can go in later and reset the ones I want to use publicly. As I use a Mac, I also have the use of iPhoto, soon to be upgraded as my main safe file source.

For the stills, thats it, I collect them into sets and share, but for the videos I like to collect the short snaps I take into one video, for this I use WeVideo, as part of Google Docs . its relatively simple, link WeVideo to Google Docs,  just load up the videos, and drag them into the time line, I have subscribed to the service to get extra functions, but the basic free version is enough to get started.

The video below show how and a little why, for me video so often tells a better story than still photography, especially if I can give a commentary on what I am looking at.

Next I save a link into Evernote, so I can search on it, and as always its tagged reasonably well, with project No, and location title, plus anything else I can think of.

As Architectural Technologists, we get called on to do all sorts of things, not taught at college or Uni, so for me updating my skills in simple but useful video storage and clipping is valuable CPD, and good to add onto my CV.

For more tutorials on using WeVideo try this link to youtube. As for todays photo, this is my simple yet so useful Dumpy level, and its going to be the subject of my next video.


Glass so thin yet so strong

sddefaultRemember those excellent videos from Corning, “A day in the Life” (see below),  were the doctor see’s the wall come alive, a little bit of fantasy, not any more, the latest video shows Gorilla Glass bonded to a backing substrate to give a very durable composite.

I remember bonding glass to foam a few years ago, but the weight was to high, and the panel damaged to easily, well thats all changed, 1.5mm thick glass thats so strong, bonded to a lightweight foam, now the wall panel comes to life.

This opens up the scifi of the “A day in the life of glass” to the point of reality, but it depends upon manufacturing size, and detail, but give me the product and I will give you the detail.

I have added links below to some of my earlier blogs on the subject, is the time now right for us to take this and build, I think so, a house built this way, now thats a student challenge if I ever heard one,

A glass front with all the connection of my phone, with a shaped foam backer fitting directly onto a timber of metal stud, with no more than the same thickness of say 130mm, enough mass to cut sound and thermally good because of the foam backer.

The CPD, is vast, so much to research and pull together, printing minute circuits in the glass, embedded sensors, wifi connection, the list goes on, is this another paper !. Watch the second video, its the one were the explanations are given, I think its the better of the series, and worthy of repeated watching.


Architectural Technologist – Apple Day

When Apple chiefs step onto the stage for that all important presentation, late Monday afternoon, they had better have something in the bag to woow the faithful, something to replace the current range, because the competition is almost, there, if not banging on the door.

But, and here is the rub, Google in all it's different forms, is the one rattling the door, and they have some very nice kit that so often outguns the apple mobile market. And it's the mobile cloud market Apple have to address. Slowly but surely they are getting it right, but it's a slow process, and it's other like Dropbox and the like who are propping up Apple cloud, Apple needs to interact with them in a more robust way, same goes for their photo app, it's decidedly slow and unhelpful, they should be working with the one player not after their market, Yahoo, and embrace their Flickr product, which is so robust, just works and has an existing pedigree.

Next we want to see magic, the” another thing “, that Jobs was so good at, almost leaving the stage, but turning to offer that one last comment that brought to the stage the next innovation that would shock the world.

The one product that might just do that is the one bottle neck Apple constantly battles with, the link to the Internet, the people or products that control the old telephone market, because they are the ones holding back the development. google might be tackling this with their city wide takeover of the network in Kansas, and the like.

Will we see an Apple TV, I don't think so, but a new Apple TV, now that's a distinct possibility. Will we see another laptop, yes, new versions of Apple Air, to replace the ailing older formats of the MacBook Pro.

A wrist watch, why, what possible need is there for one, but a wearable wrist band that tells me all I need to know about my body, yes that's possible and so is a new, better iPhone to take advantage of this.

Which leads me onto the iPhone, I have an older iPhone 4 that works just fine, but it's beginning to show it's age, it's on the bottom rung of Apple iPhones and as such might just drop of the ladder soon, so I am in the market for a newer product, a new product with massive internal memory, fantastic connection, and a voice command that actually understands my Birmingham accent, and freedom from the vagaries of the ISP's. I don't want a massive screen the compact screen apple uses, is just fine. A headset for music and calls that does not need cables, in fact no cables at all, updating over the net would be nice, oh and induction charging.

As for the iPad, it's fine, small or large the product is cool. Oh please remove the cables, they are a real pain.

So what's the new woow product, what market would be ripe for Apple to bring onto the fold, apart from my comments above, I have no idea, but I shall be there watching just about every feed for information, why can't Apple just live feed.