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I am Flipped

San GiovanniI have seen the light, and I  am FLipped,  for so long, I have used Zite to read articles, and search for more of the same, it worked for me, I liked the way I could leaf over pages and add more as I wanted, Flipboard came along and I just did not get it, so Zite remained my way.

The purchase of Zite by Flipboard, also went by me, I stayed with what I liked. That is until just recently I sort of played with it this weekend, and it struck me, I got the idea, and I spent a lot of time reading pages I had made up, I did play on Flipboard over the years, and did make up pages, but lost interest as I went back to Zite,

I have even uploaded all my searches and interests from Zite to Flipboard, and I don’t think I will look back.

I use a rather old iPad, its slow and lacking in both speed and ability, but Flipbard seems not to bother.I read the articles I want, I use the evernote app to save it, and all is good in the world, Oh one small gripe, Evernote sometimes will not save a Flipboard article, just a link, so I have to use the “open in Safari” and do it from there, not a great inconvenience, but worth a mention.

So there it is, I am FLipped,

iPhone USB Memory Stick from Leef Bridge

Using Easting & Northing to set a travers surveyIts always a problem, one that I alway get when going away, the balance between my music, will I have enough to last two or three weeks, a few games, and enough space for my video & photos, of which I take a lot, all on my iPhone, its a memory issue, just not enough space.

Well this little gizmo might be the answer, called the Leef Bridge it allows storage extra to the iPad &  iPhones internal memory, plus it fits into the usb drive, good enough for me, so might just take a look at one, better than taking two phones with me just so I have all my music, and enough space for photos, without having to remove several laps I just might need.

I love the video, just right, and one I have seen, !!!

you can also take this for any survey, I take so many survey photos, I take a second older iPhone 4 with me just in case.

Todays photo is on a slide I made quickly to try and explain the way you can determine easting and northing and grid north from a simple traverse taking just two simple bearings and a couple of dimensions.

Adding images to Google Sheets from your iPad

The addition of Google Sheets to the iPad is one of the best moves ever from Google, well the best move this week anyway, I used it extensively last week to mock up a presentation, ready to finish of on my laptop. However I could have got a little further, well finished the slide set on the iPad, if there was a way to add some photos I wanted to use as part of the presentation.

Well Jeff Herb has written an excellent blog to outline the process, together with an excellent little video that allows you to do it, ok not on the app, but as a work around using the iPad Google Chrome web browser, and logging into the Google Docs site to add the photo, from your iPad onto the slide set.

I have tried it and its ok, I would rather it was within the iPad app, so guys at google, sort it, but until then this is worthy of knowing.


Scanning Articles

ArcheaologyThis morning, its been a Scanning Articles marathon, by that, I mean I have been looking through that pile of free magazines, sales bunff, and other bits of article I have removed from tabloid papers. The pile has been substantially reduced and Evernote is now the wiser, or I will be, if I ever need the information, and every so often I do need it, as I search in Google, it comes up as a side panel, and shows that I did read something about the subject, and saved it away. I am away soon on hols, my laptop has been banned, but my iPad will be with me on the premise that I use it to read books, of which I have staked it up with a load of free books from Amazon Kindle store, The point here is that I will sync it as I leave and there will be a number of articles ready to read. So thats sunday morning, not a lot going on, just a little work, oh and several new jobs have come in, so a little paperwork to send out, and acknowledge. I have also rsarected an old iPhone 4, stipped it of all but essentials and left plenty of space for photos, my main phone will be used, but only in port, the spair as its now called will be for day to day use, I hate to see a good phone wasted, so this is a good chance to get some use for it, if it’s stollen, there is little on it that will show me or my personal life, the photos will be synced to a flickr account, so not lost.

A new Title for the site blogs

4774: ArchFor the past four years or so, I have used the same Title beginning ” Architectural Technologist” followed by the subject matter,  for no other reason than I though it might gain more search hits by using it. But it seems I might well be doing myself a a little harm, simply because the subject matter is at the end, and also because the title might be to long for Google search displays.

So as of today, I will be dropping the “Architectural Technologist” for a new Title for the site blogs and relying upon the Tags and Meta tags for this part, and using the title as the simple explanation of the subject matter.

You might have noticed a drop in blogs as I started teaching more, but now I have a little more time, I am back. My next job is to redesign, or perhaps evaluate the design of this site, does it need a face lift, of complete make over, or simply small tweaks.

I want to engage my lecture notes more and you will see these appearing at the end of certain blogs, they will always have a tag of lecture note, so they will easily be found, so for instance if I put up a blog on Architectural Fees search on my tags for “Lecture Note,Fees”

Todays photo is just a nice stone Arch, no more, but so pleasing to look at.

Architectural Technologist – IFC viewer on the iPad

screen480x480If there was ever a game changer, then this IFC viewer from Tekla has to be it, the everso simple to use, free  iPad viewer allows you to see, manipulate and use the 3D model on yours iPad with so much ease, and its also linked into your dropbox account as well.

As we move more and more into 3D modelling, not just at the high end, but for small projects, this will be so useful. and as Tekla get some serious feedback, I can only see this getting better.

Tekla, who now own Sketchup, have suddenly become a serious player in the market, I for one hardly knew them, but now they a major player and innovator.

I played on this for well over an hour and found so many useful tricks, for navigation, switching elements off, and notation.

This, and the way PDF is also heading into 3D, is the game changer we want to see that will promote and enhance BIM to every day.


Architectural Technologist – Time is the true Seventh Sense

malta clockWe are taught that there are 5 basic senses, sight, smell, touch, sound, taste , and so often we use the sixth sense when we use intuition,  but there is a seventh sense that is so often ignored, that of time.

All of these six basic senses rely on time, even intuition, how different is sound, when a note is only half a second long to that of one 2 seconds long, look at ,smell, a slight single whiff of no more than second, has different meaning to that of a long lingering intake of air. Yet time can and does exist as a sense all on it’s own.

We as technologists detail and build using all the six senses, even taste, when we introduce paints that we can taste, and smell as we enter a room, but time is a sense we should also use, such as say light coming from a sign, should it flash and for how long, to how long it will take for a lift to arrive, to the opening of a lift door, time is certainly a sense we so often ignore, yet it is a primary sense.

Can we teach this seventh sense, of course we can, take the Doppler effect, without time it does not exist, or the way we touch say a sensor button on my iPad, a long press brings up Siri, yet a short press ends the program, and a long continued press, shuts the item down.

Time can and does have an effect on our detailing, look at the way a door closer operates, if it closes to quick then we don’t have time to clear the door, to slow and the door remain open to long, a potential heat loss, and security risk. Even as we approach an automatic door, how quickly should it open.

The earth spins at a constant rate, well more or less, but at our level, looking at the rate of shadow generation, it is constant, how long the sun shines on any surface and at what angle, can have a huge impact of the way we perceive colour, shape and relationship, even performance. Navigation is a function of time, Harrison the creator of the time piece that changes the way we navigate, showed this.

So the question, “should we teach time” is a no brainer, of course we should.