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Architectural Technologist – Adding and subtracting when using Angles

Classic Arch to town hotel in brickToday I thought I would look at adding and subtracting when using angles, especially when using degrees, minutes and Seconds.

Students so often forget that when dealing with angles you need to add and subtract using time or 60, i.e. 60 min and 60 Seconds.

The small slide set I made in Google Docs is all I need to show this, plus some easily worked examples similar to the video that I have embedded into the slide presentation.

For me when I was putting this together I thought this is excellent CPD and made a note to included it here to remind you all about the way it’s done, adding is the easy side, but its the subtraction that so often get them, particularly if the lower angle is in part, larger part. You just have to remember to transfer from the a degree  1 minute and also to lower the minute, watch the video its self explanatory.

I have also included a small video below that shows how I get the html code of my google Doc presentation and embed it into the code of this blog, so similar to adding it to the Moodle notes section.

The photo I used today I took on my trip to Lullworth Cove and is of a very fine old brick Arch in one of the market towns, shallow and wide it has stood the test of time and works.

Architectural Technologist – Google Docs

My use of Google Docs is known, I write there, and use the spreadsheet to keep my CPD records, so when I saw this excellent little video on YouTube I thought neat, perhaps I should spend a little time and catch up on some of the commands.

First though take a look at this web site and see the code in action, then scroll down and watch the video, it shows such a great way to import data from tables in web sites and there are many.

It's has made me sit and think, what else can I use it for, so in the future I will let you know.


Architectural Technologist – Programing skills

A simple JavaScript code snippet from Bluefish...

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Do we as Architectural Technologists require programing skills, well if it gets you a job in this climate, the answer might be yes, particularly if you can develop skills in this area for Autocad, or Vectorworks , Javascript or just plain old html. As work becomes  hard to secure, adding a programing language to your CV might just win you a job, or if your freelance a contract.

So where do I look for information, courses, or perhaps to follow on with my last blog, free open source, well this very excellent article on MAshable is a dam good start. Personally I have concentrated on HTML and javascript, but I understand some of the variances of Vectorscript,



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Architectural Technologist – HTML 5 & CAD

Image by Scays via Flickr

just where is html 5 going, will it be important to us as technologists and our CAD needs. One key to the increase in graphics capability is the new <canvas> tag. Over at mrdoob.com/blog/post/689, Ricardo Cabello is displaying his visual experiments with HTML 5 — including Harmony, a procedural drawing program. Check out Harmony at mrdoob.com/lab/javascript/harmony/ and try drawing with the various tools. The effects are most effective when you draw slowly in large loops, and especially with Long Fur and Web. (Draw faster for smaller entities; slower for larger ones).  Is this the technology Autodesk is using in my blog on Butterfly, watch this little video on youtube its very interesting :


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