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Google Doc Spreadsheet cell Bullet points list

A long title for this post, but such an easy trick, I so often have to make Google Doc spreadsheet bullet point lists in my spreadsheet, and this is the way I do it, some might say, I should list each item on a separate row, and for the majority of times thats correct, but just every so often, I want to add a Bullet point list within a single cell.

I use Google docs so often now for almost all my writing work, the sharing is so easy, I can take the web upload code Google Docs gives me and load it into Moodle, the Student interface I use as a lecturer, and the students can see my lectures so easily, and get the updates as and when I make then instantly.

Adding images to Google Sheets from your iPad

The addition of Google Sheets to the iPad is one of the best moves ever from Google, well the best move this week anyway, I used it extensively last week to mock up a presentation, ready to finish of on my laptop. However I could have got a little further, well finished the slide set on the iPad, if there was a way to add some photos I wanted to use as part of the presentation.

Well Jeff Herb has written an excellent blog to outline the process, together with an excellent little video that allows you to do it, ok not on the app, but as a work around using the iPad Google Chrome web browser, and logging into the Google Docs site to add the photo, from your iPad onto the slide set.

I have tried it and its ok, I would rather it was within the iPad app, so guys at google, sort it, but until then this is worthy of knowing.


Google Maps updates indoor mapping with floor level navigation

New Street StationI have been writing about the way maps seem to be getting better and better, so just recently I noticed that google maps have updated there floor plan navigation to the point were I can now easily select any floor with the navigation button on the bottom right of any map.

I tried it first with todays photo, of New Street Station, and its really good, then I tried it with two large building both mapped for floor layouts, and it works just fine, click on the building you want and the map navigation changes to suite, just excellent.

The floor plans them selves are simplistic, but they work, the platforms in New Street station are difficult to find at present as they reconstruct the station, so this floor plan is really good.

I have stated many times that this is so easy to do, and does not take long, I can not understand why many other building like these are not updated with floor plans, ok there might be security issues, so don’t show this arera, but the main public areas should be shown.

I used Google Chrome to take my screen shots, see my flickr account for more, I tried it in Safari and it works just fine. But allas I tried it on my iPhone and even in the google app floor plan navigation is not show, just a sample floor plan, sad.

So do you need floor plans adding to your map, please contact me, all I need is a set of dwg or similar plans that I can use to creat a plan set of your building to upload.


A Spacecraft for all

THE TEN MONTH JOURNEY IS NOW REDUCED TO ONE MONTH ! ISRO's Mangalyaan to encounter Siding Spring comet in October The passage of a comet, Siding Spring, will be the first astronomical event that the Indian Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) spacecraft or 'MangalyYou might be wondering, just why I should be writing about a spacecraft on a CPD blog for Architectural Technologists, well its simple really, its just interesting, some times it’s good to just wonder of peist and read or study something thats a little away from the normal day to day stuff.

So why this, well after a large number of years and well past is sell sell by date, a small group have actually woken up an old spacecraft, and managed to move it so the path meets up with a comet.

Launched in 1978 to measure gama rays and solar wind, it sat in an equilibrium point between the earth and the sun, doing its job. But after a while the job was done and no longer of any use. But in June 1982 they managed to start a long sequence to set up the satellite to eventually swing by using the earth and moon

This excellent video a special for Google chrome, sets out why and how, oh did I say Google seem to have backed this private group. The video wants to run is Google Chrome, but if you don’t have Chrome it will run in other browsers. The links below expand upon this really interesting story.

So there it is, no real CPD, just a nice project, and one that will last a long time. Is there anything to learn, well, patience and the ability to re learn old languages and plan long term


Architectural Technologist – Long day at Book Fair

Country Blog hits Jan-April2012

Country Blog hits Jan-April2012 (Photo credit: Scays)

Well I logged into Google hangout, but no takers, but as they say, early days, I have also as a trial loaded up a new feature to send twitter posts on anything done to theis site, so hopefully, I ‘ll be getting more towtter posts up again.


As for tommorrow, I wil be at the Badersley Clinton Book fair all day, seems like a good idea to help out, if the weatyher holds, other wise, we’ll see !

As for next week, I’m at grand designs Live at Excell on Monday, if you plan to attend., please drop by and say hello.



Don’t forget, I will host a tech hangout every Friday at 3 pm, call in to chat, moan,find out something, anything to do with Architectural Technology. follow me on Google + “+stevescaysbrook”



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Architectural Technologist – I have seen the future (And it’s made of glass)

concrete gutter

concrete gutter (Photo credit: Scays)

The title for today’s early blog is one I have borrowed from the article by By , on the Computerworld Site. It’s an article any Technologist should read, just because he’s right about the future of glass. I went on about it recently and do not intend to repeat myself, but I can’t help it, glass is going to be fundamental in our, or perhaps your future. the flexibility and the ability to take printing, means circuit boards can easily be built up within the glass layer.

Google‘s vision of glasses, means that the data and way we draw is also going to be important, how we allow this data into the open world is a question I keep on asking, should it be via Google Earth or another means, I prefer the Google earth approach, so what ever means we choose to draw with has to have some backend method of exporting to Google earth, together with all the data we generate, which bring me into BIM.

And at long last I can see the future for BIM, its glass, driving, easy computer screens, driving information, requiring us, the Architectural Technologists of the world to work out how to export our data rich drawing to none other than Google, or at least a system where Google or something like it, to suck up the drawing and disseminate it to passing pedestrians, who are being fed the information to their glases.

OK it might not be that bad, but you get my point,millions of spec’s of sand, heated to form a translucent sheet will drive the next big change and give BIM & 3D meaning, which sadly it lacks at present, being controlled and maipulated by to many interested parties.

The Scifi pundit have already started to think about it, recent television shows, have police or special agents !, walking into buildings with their phones bringing up wire maps of almost any building, mmmm who or what would generated this wire frame 3D picture, I doubt it would be from records kept by planning offices, they are notoriously inaccurate, often being a few years out of date. No it should be from public domain records or from say Google Earth. Obviously data for certain building needs to be kept secure, but for many a building it should be open, and all this driven by glass, who would have thought it.



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Architectural Technologist – HAUTE INNOVATION


benjamingarciasaxe (Photo credit: Scays)

I love it, when I find a new site totally devoted to innovation, such a site is HAUTE INNOVATION, it’s in German, but  good old Google Chrome, does a spanking job of translating the site, into a very readable experience. And for once, almost all of the innovation is aimed at Architecture.

It’s a site technologists and for that matter any Material manufacturer should go to and spend some time reviewing the various products. Some I have seen before, or at least twisats on them., a couple are exciting and new to me.

The opening quote is excellent and drives you into the site looking for products :

“Developments in materials have become a major driver for technological and economic progress. We are nearing the end of the petrochemical age and a einschneidenen break our material and product culture. Driven by finite material resources will work with a vengeance on new material concepts. The awareness on the sustainable use of materials, material cycles in the thinking and new forms of energy are the focus of developers.”

a new conference is advertised “Conference on the occasion of the exhibition Smart Energy Market SEM“, it’s on Frankfurt, on the 24th May, the details are on the web site but are below as well. If this was in English, I just might be tempted, I used to travel to Frankfurt a lot in the old Dow days, so re visiting would be nice, even better if there is a decent conference to attend.

Location:  Messe Frankfurt (Hall 11, Portal House, Level 1)

Organizer : Action Hessen Nanotech of the Hessian Ministry for Economics, Transport and Regional Development

Program Development : Dr. Sascha Peters

Registration for the free event at :  action line Hessen nanotech

There is a sign up for a news letter, again in German, but the Google translate I find to be excellent, although it does throw up annoying little boxes on links, but if your quick ,,,,,,

Have a look at the Thermal harvesting article, the translation is a little odd, but you’l get the drift, its worth a read and follow up. Again I quote from the site:

Thermal energy harvesting, now also referred to as “Thermoharvesting” called, uses a widely available “primary energy source” means the waste heat from warm and hot processes, from rolling and rubbing, from energy production and distribution. In this sector the company has set its focus Micropelt. The fusion of two basic technologies, the thermoelectric material science on the one hand and the mass production of chips on the other hand, form the basis of the chip Micropelt thermoelectric generator (TEG). Micropelt uses the well known Peltier technology, but in highly miniaturized form. Like conventional Peltier elements, the Micropelt products consist of a series of oppositely doped semiconductor segments. Each represents a p-type and an n-doped “block” forms a so-called thermo couple that generates electricity when it is exposed to a heat flow.

This site is packed with research, and to be honest great reading, I love it. When I get a news letter, I’ll give a report on the content, expectations are high.



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