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Architectural Technologist – A New Client



Today is Saturday the sky is heavy and overcast, a gloomy start to the weekend, but I'm working, I have a drawing to finish, print to PDF and send out, and I need to prepare to see a new client, I have got the address, telephone number, post code, and a map of the site, my iPhone is free of photos to plenty of space, I'm ready to go.

I get work from all sorts of places, some from existing clients, some from people I have worked with, some from a friend of a friend, I used to advertise in a local trade magazine, but it got to expensive and I stopped, I get nothing from yell, or any of the other trade directories, paper or electronic, they phone and keep telling me it's the best way, but I nod and politely tell them no.

For me contacts are the best source of new jobs, talking, emailing,chatting in the pub, keeping up with old friends, and my mobile is the key, my iPhone is the best bit of kit I have, that and my Mac, it's my life line. Next comes Skype, this simple little program, keeps my costs down, every new client I have I try to get them onto it, it saves so much time, and cost, I can switch screens and instantly show them areas of interest, getting immediate delicious, that might have taken days sending emails. Plus calls to nine Skype contacts are the cheapest I can get, even if I call Newzeland.

I say Skype is my next best friend, but google hangouts is becoming more than a threat to Skype, the way it's inter grading itself into gmail, my diary and the basic framework of my day to day life, I am a big user of Google+ where I first saw it, but it's gone way past that, to being an entity of it's own, and one that is becoming very powerful.

I'm currently reading Tubes, Behind the scenes at the Internet, by Andrew Blum, really fascinating, we all take the Internet for granted, it's there, but Andrew is taking me on a path to show the real Internet, the way it works, I'm right at the start, but even now it is a fascinating read.

So there it is, Saturday, lots to do, but as always a blog to write, oh have you been onto Jon Pickups Archoncad site, he posted a blog on what program's he thought might be useful on a friends new iPad, I have added to that list, with the apps I use on almost a daily basis. Please drop in and add your list.

There is no CPD today other than keeping up my client getting techniques, it a weekend, relax enjoy, take it easy, chill,,,,, if you can.


Architectural Technologist – Getting Work

steves intro

Image by Scays via Flickr

One of the nice things that happened over the two days at the NEC and the Grand Designs exhibition was the number of Students and post grad people who came up to see me, asking specificialy for the CIAT guy, some were new on their respective courses, and wanted hints and tip, but many were post grad, and desparately looking for work. I gave my best off the cuff responce, but thought more about it over the remains of the weekend, and decided that I should expand these points together with all the notes I have made in the form of blogs, and give a more detailed responce in the form of a CPD event. I have blocked out the 15th November to do this. It will start about 6:00pm and last as long as it needs to, although I want to keep it short and clear, so an hour should do it, but I’m willing to keep going as long as required. Look on this site under the Calendar tab at the top for details.

I’ll cover all the tricks and methods I know and have written about, from simple lists to the more complex projects and competitions, blogging, web page, google, and linking, or networking. There is no sure fired way to getting work or securing a nice little project working for your self, but I will give you every tip I know and more, come armed with questions

As yet there is no place to hold this, I’m trying to get a central Birmingham location, keep checking the calendar tab for current news, one comment was that I should host a webinar, all the points I will be making apply to just about any one, anywhere on the globe, so that might just happen. keep checking back on the Calendar tab.



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