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Architectural Technology – white board use

Within so many teaching environments, white board are common place, and I am pleased to say, the electronic white boards, they offer so much in terms of interaction, and the ability to bring in, more electronic teaching materials, such as video, and past research.

Yet as I visit offices, and practice environments, and I am supprises that this technology is not feeding through into general day to day practice. The environment is still in the slide and presentation of overheads.

If a practice is to progress and develop then conference rooms need to learn from academia and allow the new intake of employees to bring their expertise into the company.

In a few weeks I and scheduled to give a presentation to Coventry university looking at the future of electronic medial and presentation as we might use it.

I shall look at past, present and some of the future, and how I see us as technologist guiding this future? I have so often said that others guide our profession, telling us how and why CAd should develop, is it not time to take hold of that development and give some our expertise and wants.

Today's photo is one that seems to have done the rounds on the vRious Facebook,Twitter and other social boards, it makes me shudder.


Architectural Technologist – innovation and invention

I recently read a great article on the Fastcompany site on “Why the future of innovation is in ideas not product”, it a great article and one you should link onto.

But as always it got me thinking about my idea bank, my repository of ideas and thoughts, I transferred it to Evernote a while back, and this has transformed my thinking, I can now easily take an overview, and search on one tag, to see what else I have in the same vain.

Innovation is so often stifled, not because of no ideas, but because many a company require paperwork to show a products potential, they need reports, and any idea needs a backer, funds allocated, and progress reports, this is the stifled bit, an idea should have freedom, freedom to grow and become what it is, Google have the right idea, in that they have their 20% time rule, which means any one person can innovate, it does not require that the idea comes out of a department, apart from some very basic rules, the office post room can innovate and put an idea forward.

In my company, we are just two, so ideas can grow quite easily, take life and fester, the beauty of Evernote is the shared file, we both can add and comment, and so often it's not in office hours, ideas can come at any time, so we access via laptop, iPad or iPhone.

The CPD here is simple and straight forward, we need ideas, there are no rules other that common sence and morality, all are looked at and kept, some are left alone some are joined. We have no rules on when and where, so often a good idea is stimulated by beer, or a talk over a pint, my local has a good wifi, so a lunch time beer and sandwich can bring forward great concepts,,,, well most of the time.

Today's photo is not innovation, just good sence, a local house near to we're I live is having a garage built, and the tiles for the pitched roof are reclaimed, nice, and very sustainable. They come in a large crate and the contractor has them lifted to roof height via a large site folk lift unit.

Today we go to Attingham Park, near Atcham, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, large gardens and a fine house to look over, I hope the weather holds, currently it's sunny. But one thing is certain, my iPhone will be in constant use. Look into my Flickr account late afternoon for uploads.


Architectural Technologist – a view to the future and what we need to do

You might have heard from me before on this subject, but I strongly feel that as we enter the next phase of the development of interactive units, or intelligent buildings, or the net as it will be, I think it's time to see just where this is leading, the types of services we are going to have to design for and to, and what services we are going to have to accommodate.

The video below I love, I can easily see that a tram of this size and complexity could easily be manufactured and used, but look behind this, and what services are needed, from road to access, to power to the number of people actual departing a tram of this size.

Also have a look at this concept video re an internal screen to an apartment, so far all we have seen is large glass wall structure, this idea is projected, so I presume cheaper, plus installation is I again presume so much cheaper, as all that's needed is a projector system for each wall, and motion detectors, all controlled by a single computer, the article on Techcrunch expands on this, but unles it's wifi are cables require, do we need a computer room, what power requirements are needed, plus does a projected wall need a specialist finish.

I class this as research, keeping ahead of the game, I know some day I will benefit from it, but don't ask me when.



Architectural Technologist – Google Think Quarterly



Once a quarter, as the name implosion, Google send out a magazine, it usually has about 5 or 6 long article looking at the future of the net, computing, and they are written by big names in the industry, this month Esther Dyson have a column, but it's the open article for this month I find most intriguing, written by Jonathan Rosenberg I think still part of Google, writes a long but fascinating article on the future of open.

As I watch the way Apple tightly control the direction of it's technology and as far as it can any one else's, I constantly find google's open interface and less big brother attitude to be quite refreshing, to the point I have almost made my mind to switch from my Google iPhone 4 to Android, I,ll let you know if this happens but the Samsung Galaxy III looks so good.

You might be asking if this is CPD, well of course it is, I constantly get asked if reading article on the Internet, computing,science is CPD, and it has to be, we design for ,with and against some times all aspects of computing, so it's a must to keep up, with quality reading, this I counted as a 10 in my CPD list, and I claimed 1.5 hours

Architectural Technologist – A brief look into the future

Image representing Microsoft as depicted in Cr...

Image via CrunchBase

It’s important to keep an eye on the future, to keep track on current innovation and in particular see what the wild and wacky are thinking, you never know there might just be something in it.

Take for instance this flm below, done as it happens by Microsoft, it’s more about communication, and if you follow it back to youtube there a lot more, but back to this film, look deeper than the technology, look at the way materials are used, and the way we interact with every day furniture and the fabric of the building. Now suddenly this future film it touching on an area I know well, should I be taking note, is there a product here, or should I be thinking about the basic design of my next house.

What ever it’s so important to look and not just glance, look deeper, for instance glass is a material that seems to be forefront in a lot of these films, both in its internal use, its external use and in everyday objects, Apple was not wrong to use Gorilla glass to front both the back and front of the current iPhone, its sustainable, reusable and gan be easily laminated with circuits, it can turn easily from cloudy to translucent in less than a second.

We have seen lighting follow us around for some time and finaly it might be reality, I spoke of the room stat only a few days ago, and smart meters are finaly being installed, has the smart house finaly arrives,,,,,,, ! keep looking but above all, its important to a technologist to know ,,,,,,,,,,



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Architectural Technologist – Augmented City 3D

Modern pair of glasses
Image via Wikipedia

Is this to far into the future, I don’t think so, this set of videos I found on Vimeo is impulsive viewing, I went to Manchester University some time back and saw a similar system, ok I was all gloved up and wearing some pretty heavy specs, but that was about 10 years ago, this little movie must be somewhere near the truth. The second video in the list to the side, show more what I expect to come out in the not to distant future, information there on every object, as I look, and I suspect that glasses will hold the technology, the object will be highlighted and information will be shown, can you imagine this with Vectorworks, the screen is so limiting when you look at these ideas, Follow the links to the side and watch the other two videos, this is not Scifi but almost there Science. If the computer is to leap forward, then the screen has to go,  is the message here, I want this technology so badly., you might be reminded of the film Lawnmower man, but I am reminded of Manchester Uni and I can see that my glasses with a small iPhone devise in my pocket powering this technology. You might want to look at the Augmented City: animatic (long cut) where a story board has been laid out to show the concept.

There is CPD here, but its research CPD, top end stuff, but without it, we will not get much further and the screen will be there for ever……….so sad.

Augmented City 3D from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.


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Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.