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I am Flipped

San GiovanniI have seen the light, and I  am FLipped,  for so long, I have used Zite to read articles, and search for more of the same, it worked for me, I liked the way I could leaf over pages and add more as I wanted, Flipboard came along and I just did not get it, so Zite remained my way.

The purchase of Zite by Flipboard, also went by me, I stayed with what I liked. That is until just recently I sort of played with it this weekend, and it struck me, I got the idea, and I spent a lot of time reading pages I had made up, I did play on Flipboard over the years, and did make up pages, but lost interest as I went back to Zite,

I have even uploaded all my searches and interests from Zite to Flipboard, and I don’t think I will look back.

I use a rather old iPad, its slow and lacking in both speed and ability, but Flipbard seems not to bother.I read the articles I want, I use the evernote app to save it, and all is good in the world, Oh one small gripe, Evernote sometimes will not save a Flipboard article, just a link, so I have to use the “open in Safari” and do it from there, not a great inconvenience, but worth a mention.

So there it is, I am FLipped,

Architectural Technologist – Search and the demise of Google Reader

I have up until recently, used google reader as my primary source for articles, but when the news came out that Google was to let it go, I had to rely on my other program's for the same info that google has given so well.

First and my now primary source is Flipboard, I have always loved this program, but did not rely on it as much as I might have done, but now these guy and girls at Flipboard have raised the game and improved the product to meet the demise of Reader. By improving the “My Flipboard”, I now have a nice list of my personal search terms as well as the standard list, and I must say, I like it a lot

So what else do I use, well Zite must come a pretty good second, almost first, missing the top spot for me by a whisker, the two together make up for the google reader loss handsomely. I also have my list of google searches saved, and these come through as emails, I save these to Evernote as and when something of note arrives.

Well today is Sunday, it's Easter, and apart from the clock debacle, we have to push all the clocks forward today by an hour in the UK, I plan on doing very little, although, the dogs might need a walk, and I might just start to tidy my side of the garage, although a blue Mac sitting on the floor might distract, well I have to see if it works don't I !!.

I also have to get some reading done, I have several books on the go and Jon Pickups Vectorworks Architect book also needs to be reviewed, but that's not going to be a sit and read problem, as I need to load up Vectorworks 2013, and go through each of the chapters, and practice, 3D drawing is very prominent in this edition and I need time and quiet to concentrate.

We, that is the royal we, have just booked to go to Charleston in the USA, an article in the Saturday FT has a great writeup, saying its one of the nicest cities in the USA, so really looking forward to that trip, we are coaching our way there from Washington, another great city and one I hope we will have time to see some of the sights, I particularly want to see the Washington memorial, and of course the Lincoln Memorial, he was never a Mason, but should have been.



Architectural Technologist – The demise of Google Reader

Late yesterday it became clear that Google is closing their Google Reader, I use this a lot to collect news bits, from sites I find, that write on Architecture and Technology, their reason for this is the declining use, well Mr Google I use it constantly.

So what am I to do, well first it’s a set up I use a lot that’s Google Alerts, I have set up a few more alerts that will help me, plus I will step up my use of Flipboard and Zite, although to be fare, I have already made a massive move to Zite, so perhaps google is right my use of their reader is warning.

Today I should have been at an RIBA CPD event at a hotel near the NEC, but being a sole practitioner, I just can’t spare the time, I have two article to complete, and a survey to draw, plus Sheet layers to add to my garden drawing and as I will be attending Birmingham City University to help out on a HSE workshop, I have to read a few articles and prepare, I just can not spare the time, plus walking to dogs twice today. so sorry guys, I had every intension of attending, pity none of it,s online, I might have watched it later.

Do you read as much as I do, and is it electronic, if you have the time, drop me a line, I would like to know, I bounce between paper and electronic, but I seem to be favouring electronic more and more, simply because it’s easier to get hold of the books I want, it seems to me that the only books I buy in paper are older editions, or collectors editions, like McKays.

Today’s photo is just of a simple clock at the five ways island Edgbaston, Birminghan, I asked several people if there was a clock here, so many said no, before I showed them, ,,,, oh they all said, I have never noticed that, it’s a simple test of most people’s observance of the Architecture arround them, ok it’s in an area not easily accessed by the pedestrian, but most cars heading into Birmingham from Edgbaston will have to pass it.


Architectural Technologist – My Sunday morning read

This morning I have spent about an hour drifting through my Flickr, Flipboard, and Zite accounts looking for interesting articles and photos, it's my way of catching up. Only a few years ago, I would have had the Sunday times spread over the bed and floor, but now it's all electronic on my iPad, I scour articles, and send interesting ones to Evernote via email, some I just capture on the internal camera, hence the photo today. Some I capture via the Evernote app, it just depends what I want, link or the complete article or maybe just a section.

Some are just articles I want to read, some are items that might prove interesting for future articles, some just dam interesting, the point is that it's now in my personal archive, and will be picked up on any google search, and after only a few months I find that I am starting to go to my personal Evernote Archive, for information first, rather than what Google brings up.

Yesterday I experimented with the actual size needed to allow the OCR in Evernite to work, and get the maximum number of book per photo, , there seems to be a conflict between the title usually in large print to the author name usually in smaller type.

Is Dropbox going to last as my preferred cloud storage, my yearly account is looming and it's not cheap, ok I love the simplicity, and as you might remember, I lost several hard drive in the time I have used Dropbox, and got all my data back with ease, so I'm not going away without a dam good reason. but google drive is increasingly looking good.

I still have an iPhone 4, and I want to upgrade, but to what, several friends have gone to the iPhone 5, and love it, but I keep looking at the Google phone and wonder, a lot of my time is now on Google products, not Apple, it's not a problem running Google products on Apple, but I wonder why not give them a go, dare I swap.

Next week, Ruth Lawton, is giving a CPD lecture on “The importance of and creating your on-line presence”, I met Ruth a few months ago, whilst doing some initial research into a book a am planning, she is incredibly interesting person to talk to, and I am so looking forward to her presentation, you might wonder why I am counting it as CPD, simple, our life, whether looking for work, storing information, writing articles, or simply learning, is now done online, your success in any of these fields is reliant on using the Internet and all it offers to it's fullest capacity, making your online presence can never be more important, so if your about on Tuesday 19th near the millennium Point building in Birmingham, for about 6 pm drop in and gain an hour half CPD, coffee and nibbles are free.


Architectural Technology – Hotel detailing and high traffic use – or a weekend in Bournemeouth

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Today I’m in Bournemouth, so this blog was written a couple of days ago, and stored as a date posted blog. Sitting here in my study, I rely of several sources for aricles, from Google Reader, to saved google searches, to other blogs, which are saved to google reader. Every time I find a good story line, I start an Evernote file and plunge notes and cuttings into it. I also read  several electronic paper, from the Times, the Financial Times, and two specific search type papers, Zite and Flipboard, both have my custom searches to find construction, or Architectural Technology related articles.

My hotel for the weekend, is an older building that has been extended over the years, I did a lot of this style of work, so will be looking for the tell tail signs of the alterations, but its an ideal chance to see how a building copes with a constant turnover of people, high trafic areas, are always a problem, good looks are so important to a hotel especialy in the reception area, so cheap low quality products just will not last, detailing has to be of the highest quality, and robust.

But other areas are also just as important, corridors, lifts, and individual bedrooms. Maintenance and general cleaning is something we as Technologists ofeten over look in our detailing, how will it be cleaned, bathrooms are a prime example, and baths the interface between tiles and bath , basins and their interface with tiles are areas of particular importance. the hotel owner want it to be easily cleaned and last, yet I have used hotel all my business life, and as such revisit hotels on quite a regular basis, so can see just how quick details deteriorate. some times because the detail was just not up to the job, sometimes because the cleaner has not bothered, or as in some cases, the cleaning agent, the chemical component has attacked the detail, and in the worst cases, the user has been the problem.

So staying in a hotel brings a unique oportunity to review detailing that has undergone a hard life, in a relatively short time, by a multitude of users from gueats, to maitenance guys, to cleaners, the natural ageing.





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Architectural Technologist – Flipboard for the iPad

You might know I use Zite for a lot of my basic news reading, I started with Flipboard but Zite just went past if, but for some reason this morning, I returned to Flipboard, and was amazed, it has undergone a remarkable change, a new little icon has been added to the top right called ” more “, and there’s more all right, a list of subject matters and for each item a list of new sources as long as your arm, excellent, plus a favourites section, to save to, and an excellent search box, all this plus the old style flip pages, Flipboard is now back onto my reading list, each morning, it’s excellent, easily surpassing Zite in a lot of areas for general news, with Zite holding it’s own in related search.

Architectural Technologist – News and Zite

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You might think that todays headline is a little small, light, even sparse, but believe me it’s not, I use many different programs to gather news that I think will be of interest, and will add to my CPD, Flipboard, Google news and their excellent reader, the BBC, and many more, but yesterday, I was reading Scoble and I saw his comments on a new program that seems to be a clone of Flipboard for the iPad, called Zite, it’s certainly  similar in that it gathers news, but its gone way ahead, I spent all last night catching up on the news and reading stories that Flip just could not find, its excellent. OK Flip has issued a new updated program, but I still think Zite is ahead, it seems to learn just what I like to read. But there is nothing like competition to get development going.



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