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Architectural Technologist – Skitch and Evernote

I am a major user of Evernote, and I have not been backward in mentioning this, in the creation of my personal archive of knowledge. But I also use several of the other suite of program's that are so well linked into Evernote, like Skitch, and Penultimate, the later being the one I normally choose when I want to sketch out a detail.

I use it for working up ideas and details, like my timber cladding corner detail, I eventually used this to create a final detail.

The use of colour and the ability to erase and alter so easily is great, plus it saves direct to Evernote, and can be tagged along with other notes fora particular project.

Penultimate creates not one folder of ideas but as many as you need, as in today's photo of my part collection, I have many, each dedicated to a particular item, my house plans are plan, ideas room relations and layouts ideas I have, my general details are just that, ideas and actual instances.

I have often been with clients and one in particular wanted to do a lot of the construction himself, asked me whilst I was away about a detail, I made a sketch and sent it to him, coping myself, with the intension of drawing it later, but to my surprise, he was very happy in the response time, and the drawing, he understood it and went on building.

It takes some practice to use Penultimate, I use a small rubber pointed stick for fime work, but I have found that my finger can produce some great lines and textures, I then found a pencil topped with one of those little rubbers, I shaved a little of the top to make it pointed and now use this, saving £5 being the price of the special pencil advertised on an online Mac iPad store.

I am particularly pleased with my tree collection, I was making up a new tree set for a garden I was looking after, I wanted a different tree style, so after a few Penultimate trials I made up the one I wanted.

The CPD here I suppose is not the program, but the way I save ideas and thoughts, so often I use my Moleskin, it's mostly with me, but sometime I want just a little more, and if i have my iPad with me, penultimate is the tool of choice. The link to Evernote, the ability to take a screen shot, the way I can send via email.


Architectural Technologist – Kickstarter The people’s E-book

I thought I would bring this rather good Kickstarter project to your attention, Jon Pickup showed it to me this morning, and after we had finished chatting, I looked it up, I was so impressed that I donated $10 and it looks like they have gone over their target of $10,000

Ebooks are certainly the future, I loaded up a stack of books on my kindle for the USA trip, and I was not the only one, loads of people could be seen carrying or reading their kindles.

I have several books I am writing and will make them available on both paper and of course EPub.

As we teach video and animation will come into it's own, highlighting methods and order of material installation, so often I have read papers on detailing given in by students and although the detail looks good, that have forgotten the sequence of build with the result that it was almost unbuildable. So I have high hopes for construction books becoming more available as electronic versions.

Also I want to see more interaction with search, I want my books to be searched by google, Evernote gives this function, the current systems I use, kindle and Apple have very limited links, Apple being the best,




Architectural Technologist – CPD lecture on the use of Evernote

Unfortunately with the collapse of the Concrete Centre we have lost the use of Carl to update us on the use of concrete, so I have and will be looking for alternative lectures, I have pulled together some notes that you might find interesting entitled “Evernote, the paperless office is finally here”.

I'll go through my use of Evernote, from creation via scanning, photos and audio, to tags and syncing across all my devises, plus searching and exporting.

I will also look at photo storage, with both Picas and Flickr, and program's that let me search and use these web sites. I will also glance at your online presence, but will only give it a glance because one of the lecturers at Birmingham City University will be giving a detailed talk on 19 Feb to look at your complete online presence, more on that later.



Architectural Technologist – The I in BIM

You might be interested in this excellent article I saw in a recent copy of AEC Magazine, by dr Stephen Hamil of NBS, were the role of BIM is looked at as far as all the information is concerned, and on all equipment. Personal I don't think it goes far enough, but the layout and the general information is well researched and well put forward.

This link should take you to the right page, if not. Search for AEC magazine, reading this and following up with the links at the bottom of the article, should be worth at least 1 hour.


Architectural Technologist – Google Think Quarterly



Once a quarter, as the name implosion, Google send out a magazine, it usually has about 5 or 6 long article looking at the future of the net, computing, and they are written by big names in the industry, this month Esther Dyson have a column, but it's the open article for this month I find most intriguing, written by Jonathan Rosenberg I think still part of Google, writes a long but fascinating article on the future of open.

As I watch the way Apple tightly control the direction of it's technology and as far as it can any one else's, I constantly find google's open interface and less big brother attitude to be quite refreshing, to the point I have almost made my mind to switch from my Google iPhone 4 to Android, I,ll let you know if this happens but the Samsung Galaxy III looks so good.

You might be asking if this is CPD, well of course it is, I constantly get asked if reading article on the Internet, computing,science is CPD, and it has to be, we design for ,with and against some times all aspects of computing, so it's a must to keep up, with quality reading, this I counted as a 10 in my CPD list, and I claimed 1.5 hours

Architectural Technologist – is Word good enough

Like many of you, when I want to write something say a letter I reach for Word, or pages or perhaps google docs, the choice is mind blowing, at present I'm on the ipad and there are several great apps that allow me to write, make notes, recently I have been using Evernote for my day to day jottings, take last night I attended a meeting and made the notes in Evernote, why, well as I am the only one who is going to use the note, it makes sense.

But what if I want to share it, we'll perhaps I might use pages and send out as a PDF, or. I might use Google doc and send a link. But is you asked met his several years ago I would have said I'll send a word doc, there was not much choice, now the choice is huge. So we have to be careful, will the note your making today still be around is 20 years time, and will you be able to read it. Pure txt files will almost certainly be, so I suspect will word, but will the others, will PDF still be there.

Take a current problem I have, in the way an old client has an ancient copy of Vectorworks, and I mean old, almost no one can read it, I can because I still have a version that reaches that far back, but will the current 2013 version

We have to be so careful, with not only software documents, but the way they are shared, I love old book shops, and regularly buy books that are well over 100 years old, the ink is still crisp and readable, the English might be well, strange but its usable, could I say the same for a word file in 100 years.

I keep a paper copy of all my drawing sets, partly because I like to show new clients what they will be getting, and paper is so,,,,, easy to use, but it's also the ultimate backup. I know I advocate electronic documents, they have revolutionised the written and picture world, but will archivist in 2000 years time make any sense of it. I love electronic books and kindle is so good, but if all our written word goes electronic, that's worrying.

Paper for all it's worries and sustainability has its place in time, it's the core, the lifeline, and without it, we should worry about that we are laying down for the next generation. We know so much about the past just because of paper. Yet I continue to by kindle books !!!!

Is there CPD, yes I think so, it's no more that reflecting upon history, and making some effort to allow your work to be seen by others, what happens if some idiot sets of the device we all dread, almost all our record and history will be destroyed. No Internet, no electronic copies, and almost certainly no computers. Yet books and paper might just survive, makes you think just a little does it not !!!

Today's photo has again absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter, it's a waste pipe set up under a kitchen sink, not so unusually you might think, but ask a first year student how or why it works, and you can see why I took the picture. The plastic bowl underneath, is because the dam thing is leaking, and I had to strip it down and replace a seal.


Architectural Technologist – Books paper or electronic

SAN FRANCISCO - MARCH 02:  An attendee holds t...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPad and taking it on the cruise to Hawaii was just great, I read several large books and made notes ready for future articles, but, and here is the but, its not the same as a real paper book. I love books, we have so many, one of our upstair bedrooms is packed with htem, and we have shelves and cabinets filed with old paperbacks I can’t throw out, I might want to read them again. And as for warlking past an old book shop, forget it, thats not going to happen, if its open I’m in.

I love  the smell. the feel of a book, and as one traveller recently said to me, paper has been in existance for so long, I can still read books or paper rolls several hundred years old, will I be able to say the same about electronic book, I have plans drawn on an old CAD system that are lost for ever, because the OS is long gone and the CAD package none existant.

So when I saw this video ( see below ) on my Google Circles list I thought ooooh wow, so cool and so right, books are for ever and lets remind people, I will use my iPad for technical books and for when I travel, its so much easier than lugging large libraries about, but for the rest of the time, paper it is.




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