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Facebook Page

001_FacebookFor so long I have been rejecting the idea that I will ever use a Facebook Page for my CPD links, but in recent weeks, I have been trying it out and its so easy to post a link, article or just a comment, so I am going to step up and give it a go for a few more weeks, all I do I hope will be posted here, via the great program iFTTT, which will monitor what I post and list it here.

The address for the Konstrukshon CPD web page on Facebook is :


Or search for “Konstrukshon CPD”

Please check it out, and post any comments or even repost


Walter Segal Video

Segal Close and Walters WayIt might come as no surprise to any one who reads this blog, I am a fan of Walter Segal, I never got the chance to meet him, but I did get involved in one or two projects using the construction methods he outlined, so when I saw this Walter Segal vide0, I have never seen before, I was all over it.

For students you might well want to take a look at my other article on Walter Segal, do a search in the bar above to see all I have collected and the AJ article I still send out.

As always, I wrote this post, then found another video I want to share,,,,,


BIM & Drones

The serious racing edition. 4s-6s Clean and easy to maintain #QAV250 #luminer #FPV #gopro #immersionrc #rc #berlin #quadcopter #multirotor #droneporn #drones #cobra2204 #dys30A #blheli #cleanflight #fatshark #frsky #hqprops #osdoge - all naze32 pins are hThis excellent article on the CIOB Bim+ site, also entitled BIM & Drones outlines the use of drones to monitor large construction sites and use that information to check on progress. For me is a massive extension to the use of time lapse photography that we have al seen and watched, but this seems to take it to a whole new level.

I can imagine there are issues to resolve, privacy and other buildings it may well video, but I think this can easily be solved, the real benefits come from high end use of software that can measure progress against the BIM drawing model and Gant charts,