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Architectural Technologist – Manufacturers Spin

Manufacturers have a lot of experience, particularly in their own field, but, and it's that word again, but, they are there to sell to you, and some will bend the truth to achieve that aim. So we have to check and double check all information.

That said, I have been researching on the use and construction of the inverted roof, and came across an article that looked promising, offering some interesting BIM information, a subject close to all our hearts, but what struck me was the way the article had been written as though they were the authority on BIM, not us an interesting game play.

Still that was not why I sat back and gave the manufacturer and the subject of BIM some deep thought, more it was the effect that it will have on manufacturing as a whole. How many times have you laboured over a material, sweated hours refining a spec and added it to your drawings and drawing package only to find the contractor has installed a competitor product claiming it was the same.

We so often rely upon manufacturers for not just the material, but the backup and technical help, which they provide free in the hope, that they get the spec and sale, can we lock that technical down to that material, if some one try's to get it changed, we say that its not possible to just alter a name, and leave the original manufacturers information in place, will the BIM add that security to our work, perhaps, it will if we can say that any change will alter the building performance and besides that you, the contractor, will have to provide the replacement BIM symbol, with the new manufacturers information, and who pays for the change. So perhaps, it is back to the manufacturers for them to get more involved in BIM and help us create stronger specs, in our BIM models. I get so many students looking for work, most concentrate on practices, perhaps a career can be forged in a manufacturer, offering just this technical advice, technologist to technologist. I did just this, before BIM and it worked for me.

I have not finished on this subject, I will have a chat with Jon Pickup and talk this through, we are Vectorworks orientated, but we both know Autocad, it's earley days and it needs some discussion.

The photo is just a reminder of my wasp nest, it was dry and warm Monday morning then the rain came and my wasps were not there, so what happens if they are caught out, away from the hive, do they shelter, because as soon as the rain stopped, they all arrived back, were do they go !.

Architectural Technologist – A little move with Photos or my Photo use

Yet again I am adding a test blog, trying out new post methods, for so long I have use Zemanta as my photo getter, and it worked just fine, that is until just recently it says the photo was to be on  the right, but for some reason it was placed on the left, so I have for awhile switched it of, and I know look for a better alternative, although I wonder why, most of my photos are with my machine or on Flickr so perhaps Zemanta is not needed, we will see. hang in there whilst I change my photo use stratergy.

I have just checked and all seems to working as I want it, so good by Zemanta, well for a while anyway.

Why this photo, no reason just one I took from a local NAtional Trust property, with a rather nice formal garden.



Architectural Technologist – Editing & Changing a polyline in a Vectorworks drawing

Vectorworks Viewer

Vectorworks Viewer (Photo credit: Scays)

Sometimes when I’m drawing I do things automatically, and I happen to be changing a polyline entity, not by pulling or pushing the vertices, but by simply removing the portion of the entity and re drawing it, then linking the bits back together with add surface. My client saw me doing it and asked for a quick video, this below is some of my efforts.

I have the river on a separate layer,  using navigation pallet  I showed the important layers in grey to aid navigation. All the river,paths and certain tributaries are classed making it so easy to just highlight the required items and work on them.

I can’t claim any time for this, but you might, by practicing the technique. If you have any problems I can show you live in a skype link or Google Hangout.

If you have any large garden that needs plotting, Vectorworks is very good at allowing you to layer the garden and show it off to it’s best, we also tag all trees and add our own search engine to Vectorworks, although we are now finding pdf printouts and the use of Goodreader, as just as effective.






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Architectural Technologist – Lemonade Movie

“The purity of a person's heart can be quickly...

It’s happened to me, it just might happen to you, don’t let it get you down, sit, and rethink your career, as many of them in the film below say, it was not the end, it as the open door to a whole new life style or career.

The film is called the Lemonade movie, its worth following up the links and other videos on the theme.


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