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Google Travel Log

CDM SheetIt’s a little scary, but I quite like the ability to check where I have been over the last month of so, ok I know my diary will tell me, but the actual proof is the map log Google produces,as the Google Travel Log the slightly scary bit is most people do not know this is happening in the background, but me being the tech I am, its fine with me.

Easter has been a bit of a catchup, I still have been into Uni helping the final year students detail their projects, plus a little trip to Gloucester college to do much the same with the HNC students.

I have also been writing like fury, trying to get presentations sorted and add a little more to my book on Architectural Technology, I am not sure how to launch this, wait till its completed, or do like so many seem to do, and upload it a chapter at a time, the latter looks good to me, I’ll see.

I have been adding more to the CDM presentation, together with adding documents and article I have found on the internet, the best and the one I am using a lot is the CITB site, their list of pdf documents is really good, use the link to the right for “CDM Industry guidance”.

As the academic year comes to a close, I plan to catchup on a few articles, and books I have read recently, I seem to be fixated on the birth of the USA, the war of independence and a little on the civil war, a fascinating point in History, and the links I have via my family name, to the USA.

I have also been reading the odd Architectural book and also been purchasing a few, a Classic is the Chings “Architectural Graphics”, and Magdalena Droste’s very excellent book “Bauhaus”, a book that opens up so many questions and point of construction , it seems the ideas were great, but lacked construction detail.

I also managed to pick up an old copy of “The Architectural Review” Jan 1907, a classic new year review, and full of detail, and adverts for products.

I have to do a presentation on doors and detailing, when I return from the Easter break, the presentation below is the result of a few days research, please use as you see fit.

Google is becoming more important to me, both the way I use gmail, and Google Docs, I use Apple machines, but I had chance to play on a Google Chrome Book recently, and it does all I want plus more, with the exception of CAD, so how come I have spent over £2000 on a new Mac, I am wondering that to !.

Autocad has a easy to use web internet version of their standard product, but it lacks some finer points so simple stuff only, but it shows the way.

Todays photo is of my CDM table I use to plot safety points on my drawings, updated with colour.

Architectural Technologist – Fransesca Berrman receives MBE

Full shot of a MBE including the case it is gi...

Full shot of a MBE including the case it is given in. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recieved a note from Adam today, and wondered what it was all about, “Francesca Berriman, chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists was honoured with an MBE for services to the Architectural Technology Profession.”

But he was right, well was there any doubt, Francesca has been part of MSAAT, BIAT, and CIAT since before my enrollment, she has worked hard to raise the profile of our institute often working long hours away at exhibitions, creating links with other institutes and raising our profile in the built environment, so my heart felt warmest congratulations goes to Francesca for this great honour, her award was mentioned in the same breath as Zaha Hadid’s award of Dame, see the article on BD, Can’t get any better, I jest of course.

Don’t forget, I will host a tech hangout every Thursday @ 12:30 pm, call in to chat, moan,find out something, anything to do with Architectural Technology. follow me on Google + “+stevescaysbrook”


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Architectural Technologist – AT University open days

The AT course at Birmingham City University held their open day yesterday 25th May, to display the final year student work, I was invited and duly arrived to find three lecture rooms full of excellent work. Modfels, working drawings, day diary’s, sample boards, and videos of the highest quality.

I spent over an hour talking to students and lecturers on the work displayed, getting their take on the course, their hopes for the future, work and how they felt. Why, well if the disaplin of AT, and CIAT in general, then we as the old timers, must show some interest, see what they have achived and give some encouragement, help them make that last great step, to define them selves and look for work.

CIAT as always have been tireless in promoting our degree courses, checking on them, and refining the cource, but and as always there is a but, we need to get the students to join and partake, and get through there pops to achieve chartered member status. We the older and in some cases founders, are getting on, we are thinning out, we need the youth to take over and expand the Discipline  of AT.

So back to the work, I was impresses, the quality of models, the designs and detailing that they showed was first rate, and the display or presentation was in the most part, eye catching, and thats what counts, was I drawn to certasin stands, yes,, why, it caught my eye, colour, the model, the poster on the back drop, all contributed to the feel and look of each students stand. Also the use of a day book, you know my feelings on the use of this paper book, for jotting notes, feelings and details we see in daily life, well, guess what the students at Birminghasm are encouraged to use a day book, excellent, and some of these were laid out as part of their display, excellent, I hope the habit is now in their blood, because its a part of being an Architectural Technologist.

As always each stand had a video walk through of their cad drawings, and all were just excellent, most if not all concentrated on the overall feel of the building, and reminded me of a School of Architecture, and I must remind every one, we are not Architects, but Technologists, design is a daily part of being a Technologist, but there is and always will be a clear line between the Architect and a Technologist, I feel that sometimes we cross this line, it’s hard not to, given the training and close procimity to Architects,  but in reflection of the work I saw, there was a nice balance between understanding the need to look at designing a building on one hand  and our role of the detail and product design and use, making it work  within the law on the other was well balanced.

Birmingham City University must be congratulated on the work shown, its of the highest quality, but they are only one of many universities offering AT as a cource, and in two weeks I travel to Northumbria to act as an External examiner of their work, I know the standard will be high, I saw their mid term work and was impressed, so Im looking forward to the trip..

Todays photo was one of many I took, the rest are on my Flickr account and I hope on my Google+  blog, take a look, the students deserve some recognition for their hard work. As I left the University, all to early to attend a client meet, I could not help feel satisfied, the students talked well about their work and hopes for the future, but I am afraid the current climate is  not being or will be kind to them, they have to up the game plan to attain work, my be even go sideways into another disaplin, but the training and skills they have acieved will stand them well, it has for me.

CPD is there, it is the reflection of the students training, reflection on your training and the need to continue, researching, keeping your day book, and above all, that constant need to improve.

Don’t forget, I will host a tech hangout every Friday at 3 pm, call in to chat, moan,find out something, anything to do with Architectural Technology. follow me on Google + “+stevescaysbrook”


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Architectural Technologist – I Think Quarterly by Google

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Some time back, I picked up a great PDF from google looking at all sorts if innovation, ideas, thoughts, whatever took their fancy, I read it again whilst I was on my trip to Norway, and wondered if there would be another one, well there is, I happen to fall upon it, whilst reading Flipboard. Again it’s in a similar vain, and again it’s well worth the read. I like these article by google staff, they stray away from the normal google interests of search and find, but looks into all sorts of areas. It’s part of the “Think with Google”web page

You might also want to have a look at the google YouTube Think with google, as well I have put up one of the lectures above follow the link back to YouTube and browse a little.

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Architectural Technologist – CIAT – AT Magazine

CIAT AT Magazine June 2011

Image by Scays via Flickr

You have heard me many time promote the excelence of the CIAT AT magazine, well, hang onto your seat, I’m at it again, The current issue May-June is available on the CIAT site and for those members who have recieved it and not yet read it, shame on you.

This months edition again excells in information for the CIAT Architectural Technologist, from the opening letter from Barry Le Beuvant to the very excellent article on Home Technology, although some what an advert for the Home Technology event at Excel.

But its the very excelent article by Holly Willbourn on CPD that I think your attention should be pointed, rather strongly in my view. Deciding on just what to study and when, and perhaps how is not always on the tip of every ones thought process, I might say that CPD  in most people is left to the people like me who organise the office CPD events, so reading Holly’s excellent article might just stir you into planning some form of path, to achieving your 35 hours

Plus as we all struggle to find work or employers, the article on page 25 promoting the stars of the future is just great Alicia Munday is only 14 yet her design is great, But there is loads more on tech and legal, download it and keep current.



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Architectural Technologist – CIAT Youtube Videos

Catania - Platamona Palace
Image by ciccioetneo (against cancer day) via Flickr

I am was very pleased to recieve a link from Adam at CIAT central office re the new videos, they are extreemly good, currently there are 4, lookig at :

Finding an Architectural Technologist

Considering a career in Architectural Technology

2 Case studies

I hope there are more, that will entise the membership up with new students and past members to return, this is a major leap in our marketing and it will touch a global market, of Technologists

The one below is very good


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Architectural Technologist – CIAT – Partywall act CPD event

England and Wales.
Image via Wikipedia

Amongst the loads of email, I got this excellent notice from CIAT central office, if your about in London, this is not to be missed:

Two-day Party Wall seminar for CIAT members, 23-24 November, CIAT Central Office, London.

CIAT members of any grade in England and Wales are invited to attend a two-day seminar on Party Walls in London. You can download a PDF advertisement for the event by clicking here:   Party Wall seminar flyer .

– Learn about the Party Wall etc Act 1996 (England and Wales)

– Enhance your skills

– Gain potential for membership of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors

Organised by CIAT with the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors and open to all CIAT members.

Cost: £225 plus VAT.

For further details or to book your place please contact Holly Willbourn on 020 7278 2206. Emailholly@ciat.org.uk

Please note the Act applies only in England and Wales.


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