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Facebook Page

001_FacebookFor so long I have been rejecting the idea that I will ever use a Facebook Page for my CPD links, but in recent weeks, I have been trying it out and its so easy to post a link, article or just a comment, so I am going to step up and give it a go for a few more weeks, all I do I hope will be posted here, via the great program iFTTT, which will monitor what I post and list it here.

The address for the Konstrukshon CPD web page on Facebook is :


Or search for “Konstrukshon CPD”

Please check it out, and post any comments or even repost


I am Flipped

San GiovanniI have seen the light, and I  am FLipped,  for so long, I have used Zite to read articles, and search for more of the same, it worked for me, I liked the way I could leaf over pages and add more as I wanted, Flipboard came along and I just did not get it, so Zite remained my way.

The purchase of Zite by Flipboard, also went by me, I stayed with what I liked. That is until just recently I sort of played with it this weekend, and it struck me, I got the idea, and I spent a lot of time reading pages I had made up, I did play on Flipboard over the years, and did make up pages, but lost interest as I went back to Zite,

I have even uploaded all my searches and interests from Zite to Flipboard, and I don’t think I will look back.

I use a rather old iPad, its slow and lacking in both speed and ability, but Flipbard seems not to bother.I read the articles I want, I use the evernote app to save it, and all is good in the world, Oh one small gripe, Evernote sometimes will not save a Flipboard article, just a link, so I have to use the “open in Safari” and do it from there, not a great inconvenience, but worth a mention.

So there it is, I am FLipped,

Can I expand CPD to a Higher Level

Protection FilmI have often wondered if my CPD needs a little tweak, can I expand my CPD to a higher level, I read, try to organise training with manufacturers, and attend other professional seminars. I do very well, far better than some, and pail into dust at others.

My point is, can I do better, I think I can, and thats the point of this article, can I add more to my CPD, simple yes, and its all down to an article I read by Todd Nesloneyon the Swivl web site. were he outlines what he calls The Power of a personal Learning Network.

I like this idea a lot, I tend to talk to other academics a lot now and can see what he means, I have started to read academic papers, and expand that by making contact with some of the more interesting people I have found from all over the world.

Without realising it, I have already started this some time back with my often lengthy conversations with Jon Pickup, we did not alway talk about Vectorworks, but construction, and design. Plus my business partner, David, who is always ready to talk a detail through, or tell me of materials I might use.

I use, skype, email, and social media to link, Todd has started a hash tag to link these conversations,  try using #SLS15 on twitter, or #scayPLN

I am encouraging my students past and present to do the same, talk about detail, work, projects, materials lectures what ever.

As for Swivl, I have just purchased one of these interesting little devices, it allows me to video a lecture with ease, I tend to walk a lot going from a white board, to a screen and table, this little device follows me, always keeping me in frame, it does this by following not me, but a simple little hand held unit that also has a microphone installed, hung about my neck. More on this later.


Google Travel Log

CDM SheetIt’s a little scary, but I quite like the ability to check where I have been over the last month of so, ok I know my diary will tell me, but the actual proof is the map log Google produces,as the Google Travel Log the slightly scary bit is most people do not know this is happening in the background, but me being the tech I am, its fine with me.

Easter has been a bit of a catchup, I still have been into Uni helping the final year students detail their projects, plus a little trip to Gloucester college to do much the same with the HNC students.

I have also been writing like fury, trying to get presentations sorted and add a little more to my book on Architectural Technology, I am not sure how to launch this, wait till its completed, or do like so many seem to do, and upload it a chapter at a time, the latter looks good to me, I’ll see.

I have been adding more to the CDM presentation, together with adding documents and article I have found on the internet, the best and the one I am using a lot is the CITB site, their list of pdf documents is really good, use the link to the right for “CDM Industry guidance”.

As the academic year comes to a close, I plan to catchup on a few articles, and books I have read recently, I seem to be fixated on the birth of the USA, the war of independence and a little on the civil war, a fascinating point in History, and the links I have via my family name, to the USA.

I have also been reading the odd Architectural book and also been purchasing a few, a Classic is the Chings “Architectural Graphics”, and Magdalena Droste’s very excellent book “Bauhaus”, a book that opens up so many questions and point of construction , it seems the ideas were great, but lacked construction detail.

I also managed to pick up an old copy of “The Architectural Review” Jan 1907, a classic new year review, and full of detail, and adverts for products.

I have to do a presentation on doors and detailing, when I return from the Easter break, the presentation below is the result of a few days research, please use as you see fit.

Google is becoming more important to me, both the way I use gmail, and Google Docs, I use Apple machines, but I had chance to play on a Google Chrome Book recently, and it does all I want plus more, with the exception of CAD, so how come I have spent over £2000 on a new Mac, I am wondering that to !.

Autocad has a easy to use web internet version of their standard product, but it lacks some finer points so simple stuff only, but it shows the way.

Todays photo is of my CDM table I use to plot safety points on my drawings, updated with colour.

Architectural Technologist – CIAT “AT” Magazine

You might be interested to see that the PDF version of CIAT's “AT” magazine is available for general download from the CIAT site. It's a belter of an issue, with several great article, plus an excellent run down on the changes to the building regs. You can find the PDF copy under Media which is open to all to access, why the past issues are listed under the members only section is beyond me. I now save the PDF version to Evernote for easy access and as part of my private knowledge base when I search the net. the obvious benefits of this are that OCR within Evernote will make the complete magazine available for search.

I have kept a running check on the planning portal to see if the new regs are available, nothing yet but as soon as I see them uploaded, I will blog a note.


Architectural Technologist – Specification magazine & the paperless office

Last night I gave my paperless office presentation to a small band of Technologist and students who braved to weather and the rather strange road works surrounding the University.

So it was with a lot of pleasure I received today the electronic version of the Specification magazine I think I mentioned recently. I always read this mag, it has some interesting articles worthy of reading and adding to my knowledge base, so now I do not have to scan and import, just click the Evernote button, the only problem is that the actual magazine in their page turn software does not link up, however their is a neat little PDF download button on the menu bar that allows me to get it in a format Evernote understands, wit her the individual page of the complete magazine, just excellent. at last a magazine aimed at specifications is electronic and will not be sent to the paper pile, but added quite successfully. To my personal knowledge base, that will be searched by the app Evernite adds to my Chrome browser.

Today's photo is of a photo I took in Evernote, with an audio clip describing the shot, I also added a bit of text to aid search, but the audio clip is so much more verbose, and descriptive, and easier to add, typing on the iPad needs a lot of attention, but speaking is, well, easy.

Architectural Technologist – Google Think Quarterly



Once a quarter, as the name implosion, Google send out a magazine, it usually has about 5 or 6 long article looking at the future of the net, computing, and they are written by big names in the industry, this month Esther Dyson have a column, but it's the open article for this month I find most intriguing, written by Jonathan Rosenberg I think still part of Google, writes a long but fascinating article on the future of open.

As I watch the way Apple tightly control the direction of it's technology and as far as it can any one else's, I constantly find google's open interface and less big brother attitude to be quite refreshing, to the point I have almost made my mind to switch from my Google iPhone 4 to Android, I,ll let you know if this happens but the Samsung Galaxy III looks so good.

You might be asking if this is CPD, well of course it is, I constantly get asked if reading article on the Internet, computing,science is CPD, and it has to be, we design for ,with and against some times all aspects of computing, so it's a must to keep up, with quality reading, this I counted as a 10 in my CPD list, and I claimed 1.5 hours