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Google Doc Spreadsheet cell Bullet points list

A long title for this post, but such an easy trick, I so often have to make Google Doc spreadsheet bullet point lists in my spreadsheet, and this is the way I do it, some might say, I should list each item on a separate row, and for the majority of times thats correct, but just every so often, I want to add a Bullet point list within a single cell.

I use Google docs so often now for almost all my writing work, the sharing is so easy, I can take the web upload code Google Docs gives me and load it into Moodle, the Student interface I use as a lecturer, and the students can see my lectures so easily, and get the updates as and when I make then instantly.

An Evening with BIM Estimating – exploring 5D BIM for the QS

Modern Practical MasonryI found this video on YouTube recently entitles “An Evening with BIM Estimating – exploring 5D BIM for the QS”, whilst researching a presentation on BIM and its use, not just in our small world of CAD but as we share the information out to the contractor , Engineer and most of all the QS.

Its not so easy, there is so much hype on BIM, so many people hiding behind the technicalities and what the future just might bring, here I am looking at the real world, what does BIM actually bring,,,, Now

The answer is surprising, and well worth my research, and possibly I will expand this to a much larger presentation to the outside world.Others like the manufacturing world can learn so much, and by the end of the presentation, know how to help us a little more than the garbage they so often feed to us.

Certainly when I speak to colleagues they do not understand, they are mixed up in this world we live in, from days gone by of prints and possibly pdf, yet have given no real thought as to whats happening outside.

I give big apologies for stealing the title, “An Evening with BIM Estimating – exploring 5D BIM for the QS”,  but its so good, it says it all

The video is a little long at just over an hour long, the intro is by the CEO of Exactal, a rather nifty QS program thats gearing itself up to be the standard for BIM QS work

But the real jewel is the presentation by working QS, Trevor Woods who I am pleased to say has a long experience in the UK and Ireland as a QS.

All Architectural Technologists and Architects should watch this, it tells us a lot about the information we present to the QS.

Just watching this video is so well worth at least 2 hours of high quality CPD, I watched the video almost twice, backing up to make notes as he went.

I have maxed out the links below to a lot of my past articles on BIM just to help, take a look at the Law article, its an eye opener, talking with other lecturers it seems this is a time bomb waiting to happen.

Todays photo is of a page from the excellent book I have just purchased Practical Masonry., why, I just like the book.