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Guédelon The Final Episode

10" RollThis morning, I watched the final episode of Guédelon, on iPlayer and it was a bumper issue, not best till last, because I have been hooked on all the episodes, but this last one was particularly good. From the design of the Arch, to the way it was drawn full size on the Tracing Floor, to the Masons Lodge both sides, the rough Ashlar and the Smooth Ashlar, to create the design, and its dry fitting and erection.

I can not emphasise the need to understand this process, the way the design is drawn is without doubt the most interesting, the Mason used tools that we tend to forget, the beam compass, and right angle, triangle with plum bob level,the  pencil a new invention but I can forgive this.

My students ask why they were told to buy a small drawing board, I told them this will last for ever, you will use it all the way through your career, I still have mine. But the main reason is that before you learn CAD, I have to teach you to think the detail in your head, to see the detail in 3D, to be able to sketch it without the aid of CAD.

Stay with me over the Christmas period, there will be posts, but good food, wine and excellent company might slow down any blogging.

Architectural Technologist – A case for the Arch

Recently, I was working in my book store, and noticed that the entrance to the garden was not via a standard doorway, but a rather nice brick arch with a timber doorway.

It was not until I got home and looked at a window I was about to remand some curtains on, that my mind again sent to an old detail I have used once or twice in the past of the internal timber lintol.

The problem with all metal and timber lintels is that they are extremely difficult to fix to, you try hanging a curtain rail on a window with a standard metal lintel, it's not easy.

So I started to think about brick arches, and how easy they mad the curtain fixing, not only that the general look. Of a brick arch is quite pleasing.

The general detailing of a brick arch for a cavity wall is no different to a standard square window, except a flashing is required, but again that's not a big deal.

So here is to the brick arch, lets see it used more often, the arch in today's photo is of an entrance to a side passage in a local village, I particularly like the way the brick turns at the end.

Don't forget to take a look at the Kickstarter project for CPD records.


Architectural Technologist – A day at CIAT

Sorry, but yesterday I attended CIAT in City Road, to view the POPS papers, which I thoughly enjoyed, but the trip down was another thing, the train was ok, not a problem, I had planned to do some work, and at some point write a blog in the almost two hours it takes to get down, but alas, the wifi signal prevented much of that, together with the elbow to elbow existence on a train. So I watched a video blog instead of Twig, this week in google, re the new Google Loon project, of creating a wifi grid overhead using balloons very high up in the stratosphere.

Chiltern Railway advertise an onboard wifi but try using it with just about every one else, and you soon realise how bad their system is, I tried to use my iPhone's hot spot, which normally works just fine, but the bald patches along the route meant it kept hanging, so in a nut shell not a lot of work done. Roll on Google with their loon system, wach the video below.

One thing I do find though was this excellent clock tower right outside the CIAT offices, plus a rather nice gothic brick building, just over the road, a copy of both, which I have posted to my Flickr site. The building is looking rather tired, and in need of a good clean, making me think of the problems of cleaning such a building, and a lecture I attended a few years back on stone cleaning.

Travelling does bring riches, even if at the end of a long trip the legs and back are a little tired. I saw many excellent building in and around the Angle, the corner light stone building is a classic example, Unfortunatly I just did not have time to take a picture, the traffic at these lights is very heavy so you need to wait to get a clear traffic free picture. The clock photo used today was one of about 20 I took with my iPhone, all the others had a car, or a bike creating in. The gothic building I waited, but the best I could get was with a red bus to one side, perhaps better luck next trip.

As always there is CPD here and again it's about stopping to look, I keep saying it, but our rush and pace of police means we rarely stop and look, so I make no excuse, I was late home I had to catch the later train, but it was worth it.


architectural Technologist – Structure of the Arch

I got a great email from Ian Martin-Harvey of Air Architecture & Design, a Technologist over in Wolverhampton, who sent me a link to an old Open University video set on the structure of the Arch. old it might be, but so is the Arch, it's one of the best I have seen, and simply goes throught the basics of what and why an arch works.

I watched all of them there are 11videos in the set, each not very long, I watched all of them within 40 mins and that's with a break, I then went of to do some research, look at arch pictures and see if I could better the videos, I could not. So with the videos and my research, I think an hour of quality CPD is in order.

So if your a student or seasoned Technologist, please take the time to look through this set of Arch Videos, they are realy well worth it. I tried to watch them on my iPad, but they are a flash set so main computer only.

I have collected a nice set of arch picture on my Flickr account, I have seen as I have travelled, some in stone, some brickwork, some simple door arch's some more complex as vaults, but if you sit and work out how and why as shown in the videos, you can easily work out the structure and lines of force.

Today's picture is of an arch I saw on a recent trip to York, and shows clearly the structure.

Architectural Technologist – Tape measure with a difference

It it not always the same, you see a new product and wonder why it's not been invented before. The sight of this so simple tape measure is a point in case, so simple and yet so cool, I want one.

So many times I want to mark out a radius or perimeter, or draw a straight tine, this so simple devise would hav been perfect.

Looks like its only available in the USA, so if any one has purchased, please send in a report.

Architectural Technologist – doodling, creative art, or just maths

Bench bench

Whilst I’m on my old pencil compas set kick, I thought you might like to watch this excellent video about doodling, at first you might think its just a jiberish rant, but listen carefully, it’s so much more than that it’s really very cleaver.

Not that we as technologists really ever get chance to draw such things, or we rely upon the computer to work it out, but it’s fun to know. I can’t remember the last time I did such stuff, so I ran this video twice just to get the first bit, which I missed, because I was in the dentist getting my stitches out, well it took my mind of the whole thing.

The CPD is just returning to maths, have a look at the other videos from the same author, all centred about one subject, and it’s set at a pace, but it’s all there, you just have to listen.

I particularly like the video on Fibonachci curves, see also below. This is a three part video and is particularly good.

Today’s picture is of a bench I saw in Solihull centre, not a great bench but one that gets used as its next to the main bus stops for the shopping centre, so in my view not a great bench but one that’s lasted.



Architectural Technologist – The Arch

Concrete gutter

Image by Scays via Flickr

I found this video on the Arch via Youtube recently and thought it was worth showing on this blog, the arch is fundamental to the Technologist, I remember having to draw several different types whilst at college. Brick or stone I love the way they are formed and the simple structures it can create.

The remainder of the film is dedicated to concrete, its not my most favourite material, but necessary in modern building, Still the video and the other in the series are worth time looking at, at least once, I quite like the idea of inteligent structures, thats worth following up.



This video I think spells out the structure a little more, the question is how low can you take the arch, or how flat can you go !


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