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Architectural Technologist – Google Think Quarterly



Once a quarter, as the name implosion, Google send out a magazine, it usually has about 5 or 6 long article looking at the future of the net, computing, and they are written by big names in the industry, this month Esther Dyson have a column, but it's the open article for this month I find most intriguing, written by Jonathan Rosenberg I think still part of Google, writes a long but fascinating article on the future of open.

As I watch the way Apple tightly control the direction of it's technology and as far as it can any one else's, I constantly find google's open interface and less big brother attitude to be quite refreshing, to the point I have almost made my mind to switch from my Google iPhone 4 to Android, I,ll let you know if this happens but the Samsung Galaxy III looks so good.

You might be asking if this is CPD, well of course it is, I constantly get asked if reading article on the Internet, computing,science is CPD, and it has to be, we design for ,with and against some times all aspects of computing, so it's a must to keep up, with quality reading, this I counted as a 10 in my CPD list, and I claimed 1.5 hours

Architectural Technologist – More links and tips are now posted on Google +

Google+ wordmark

Google+ wordmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love Google +, the way posts can ripple from small to increasingly large number of readers is quite amazing, so much so, I have started to expand my CPD onto Google plus, under my own name, +stevescaysbrook , plus some more general comments on life and things that seem to excite me. The Circles tabs allow specific people to read them, but most of my posts are public anyway.

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Architectural Technologist – Daylight & Architecture Magazine by Velux

John Ruskin

Image via Wikipedia

If by some chance you have not been sent a copy of the Velux Daylight and Architecture magazine, then hit the Google chrome and download a copy. This is by far the best coffee table Architecture magazine I have seen in a long while, its going to take some time to read, and best of all digest, at 130 -ages long of high quality photos and article it’s not to be missed.

So why is it so good, well take the first article, by Jacob Schoof set the tone for the magazine, and the statement by John Ruskin, who I can take or leave, but in this I will take, where he says, “Imperfection is in some way essential to all that we know of life………), the magazine goes on in the same vain, high quality articles from some very high class writters.

The current issue can be sent for, or downloaded as a PDF, although older versions are available in eBook format. I can’t praise this magazine enough its worth your time downloading it and claiming the couple of hours you will need to read it, as very high quality CPD, under nothing more that just Architecture.

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Architectural Technologist – Evolo Skyscraper competition

evolo skyscraper 09- board 1

evolo skyscraper 09- board 1 (Photo credit: brandon shigeta)

The winner of the Evolo magazine, Skyscrapper competition is now out, the fact it was awarded  to Zhi Zheng, Hongchuan Zhao and Dongbai Song from China for their project “Himalaya Water Tower”. All the entrant designs can be seen on the Evolo site, some are just stunning, and well worth the time and effort many must have put in to produce these designs.

And before you ask, no I did not have the time to pull a design together and submit, although looking at the limited edition book of all the entrants, I can’t help thinking I would have been a little outclassed .

CPD, where do I begin, some of the designs are so out of this world, actually building them might prove almost impossible, but looking at them I can’t help thinking about the detail they might impose, the technical chalenges of actually constructing them, take for instance the winner, those twisting towers, built in such a remote location, and what a location, the wind load alone would be almost impossible to detail against, and building so hight, lack of air, the cold affecting the concrete, the list is almost endless, so why bother designing them if they can’t be build, simple thats not the point, the point is the design, because some portion of it might just make it through into reality.

There is plenty of CPD, not just the technical I spoke of earlier, but the presentation, the display, the projects feel, all so important to add to your CPD list perhaps under pure design

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Architectural Technologist – HAUTE INNOVATION


benjamingarciasaxe (Photo credit: Scays)

I love it, when I find a new site totally devoted to innovation, such a site is HAUTE INNOVATION, it’s in German, but  good old Google Chrome, does a spanking job of translating the site, into a very readable experience. And for once, almost all of the innovation is aimed at Architecture.

It’s a site technologists and for that matter any Material manufacturer should go to and spend some time reviewing the various products. Some I have seen before, or at least twisats on them., a couple are exciting and new to me.

The opening quote is excellent and drives you into the site looking for products :

“Developments in materials have become a major driver for technological and economic progress. We are nearing the end of the petrochemical age and a einschneidenen break our material and product culture. Driven by finite material resources will work with a vengeance on new material concepts. The awareness on the sustainable use of materials, material cycles in the thinking and new forms of energy are the focus of developers.”

a new conference is advertised “Conference on the occasion of the exhibition Smart Energy Market SEM“, it’s on Frankfurt, on the 24th May, the details are on the web site but are below as well. If this was in English, I just might be tempted, I used to travel to Frankfurt a lot in the old Dow days, so re visiting would be nice, even better if there is a decent conference to attend.

Location:  Messe Frankfurt (Hall 11, Portal House, Level 1)

Organizer : Action Hessen Nanotech of the Hessian Ministry for Economics, Transport and Regional Development

Program Development : Dr. Sascha Peters

Registration for the free event at :  action line Hessen nanotech

There is a sign up for a news letter, again in German, but the Google translate I find to be excellent, although it does throw up annoying little boxes on links, but if your quick ,,,,,,

Have a look at the Thermal harvesting article, the translation is a little odd, but you’l get the drift, its worth a read and follow up. Again I quote from the site:

Thermal energy harvesting, now also referred to as “Thermoharvesting” called, uses a widely available “primary energy source” means the waste heat from warm and hot processes, from rolling and rubbing, from energy production and distribution. In this sector the company has set its focus Micropelt. The fusion of two basic technologies, the thermoelectric material science on the one hand and the mass production of chips on the other hand, form the basis of the chip Micropelt thermoelectric generator (TEG). Micropelt uses the well known Peltier technology, but in highly miniaturized form. Like conventional Peltier elements, the Micropelt products consist of a series of oppositely doped semiconductor segments. Each represents a p-type and an n-doped “block” forms a so-called thermo couple that generates electricity when it is exposed to a heat flow.

This site is packed with research, and to be honest great reading, I love it. When I get a news letter, I’ll give a report on the content, expectations are high.

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Architectural Technologist – Newant School Parents Evening

Architectural Technologist

Architectural Technologist (Photo credit: Scays)

Last night, two of the West Midlands region attended the Newent Community School Parents evening along with several other companies and services, to help parents and students decide what they will do for the next 40 years or so, it’s a daunting task, 16 ish trying to find a profession with so little time, going on gut feeling and the current interest of the youngsters, with a reasonable amount of parent pressure to ” find a job”. Still I was very pleased to talk to several who were interested in the role of the Architectural Technologist. More so the one chap who had already worked as an intern in an office to find out if he was really interested in our work.

I was asked several times what advice I could give, well first it was learned to use Google Sketchup, second learn to type, third, start reading about construction, fourth and probably the most important, start to collect information about yourself, start a portfolio of activity, google sketchup projects, a reading list, and a short activity diary, with a more formal CV as well.

Several wanted to know about getting placements, can’t help I’m afraid, other than advice you to get this portfolio ready and be prepared to work the summer for free, the payment is experience and the company name on your CV, make use of this time to enhance the portfolio, which should be taking shape quite nicely by now. Make a list of the companies that interest you in reasonable commuter distance, find out what they do, their website will help, or just phone them, if they brush you of, then in all probability they are not for you.

Your reading list should include books on Architecture, construction, and don’t just list books, read them and add comment, sketch out house designs you like and them to your portfolio and addd comment, simple articles on say a shopping centre, what annoys you, what you thing is good, it will show commitment, and allow an insite into you. Start reading the Architectural press, if your school does not receive any of these, contact the librarian and if they are not forthcoming, contact the paper, BD is going to be the first port, next Building, look for their web sites and others, plead, beg what ever, but get them to send free copies to the school.

You might want to start all of this as a blog site, it will enable you to pull in video, pictures and audio files of your work, and be so much easier to attach as a link than sending paper. Blogger might be ok, but so is WordPress, both are free and so easy to set up. You all have mobile phones with cameras, start using them to record things, construction, art, what ever, that may enhance your site and let the future employer get to know you and your interests. You have to stand out in this world, a good CV is important, but so in a web site, it will enhance and expand your only link to a future employer.

Above all remember, success is 95% hard work, 4% sweat, and 1% divine intervention. and Chance favours the prepared mind.

Wise words.

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Architectural Technologist – Apple with their iBook Author shake the world yet again

English: The logo for Apple Computer, now Appl...

Image via Wikipedia

Well Monday morning and loads of interesting article on the net have risen over the weekend, but the one thats got me is the Apple ibooks author program, on first play, oh by the way, it’s a free program for the Mac from the Apple Apps store, it’s very similar to the Pages and iWeb programs, but with suttle differences to those programs.

Apple have made making a book for their iBook very easy, I played with it over the weekend and the early reports are corect, it’s easy, but you have to catch onto several litle foybles, first the pages do not go verticaly as you might thing or have experienced in Pages or any other word processor, they go sideways, next the front cover is easy to make, but the inside cover seems to have a mind of its own, it’s taken from the first page and try as i might, I could not find a way to alter it, no doubt there is something so simple I am missing. Next the book opens up from the first front cover into this inside page cover with your pages at the bottom, very interesting and once you sort that out in your mind, quite pleasing.

Next and very important, video, sound and pictures are so easy to insert, this is going to make some interesting book in the next few weeks. But overall I like it and will try and get a small book up on CPD, in the near future. Now here is the rub, the pricing and the take apple want is a little excessive, I like the Amazon split, and perhaps thats were I am comparing, and I seem not to be alone in this, a lot of the authoring press seem to think in the same vain, perhaps I’m wrong, well see, but in all, I like what Apple have made, I can see improvements will come reasonably quickly as they get feedback, and there is the true power of the Apple system, the program will inform you when updates are available.

Am I worried that there are at least three different formats, Apple, Amazon and Stanza, not really, I have all three on my iPad so I just flick, and those who are tied into the Amazon tablet, might have to wait for Apple only authors to migrate their copy over. If your using just Ibook authoring app to write, this might add some time, but if your like me and use Pages, exporting to the various formats should be relatively swift, see the video below. But the ease of inserting Movies , Pictures and other objects and the way iBooks will handle them, means this is going to be big and very popular with their target market of schools.

Check out the widgets this is where the fun really will start with the function and aid they will offer, the video below shows some of the ease iBook Author gives, from drop and drag from your desktop and layouts, I only spent a few disjointed hours playing with this and managed to get something reasonable , which by the way is so easy to view on your iPad, just connect to your Mac and press the button to preview, and its on your mac, excellent.

Where does this leave the current ebook market, floundering I think, where will it leave PDF, again floundering, both will survive, but watch what this new technology will take you, unless PDF find a way of embedding this sort of richness, it will be relegated to just flat boring documents. CPD is going to take on a whole new meaning.

I am going to claim an hour for all this research and testing, its usefulness in any Architects office is without question and as soon as Manufacturers realise what they can achieve with so little effort, say good by to flat uninteresting tech literature, and say hello to rich interactive information.

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