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Google Doc Spreadsheet cell Bullet points list

A long title for this post, but such an easy trick, I so often have to make Google Doc spreadsheet bullet point lists in my spreadsheet, and this is the way I do it, some might say, I should list each item on a separate row, and for the majority of times thats correct, but just every so often, I want to add a Bullet point list within a single cell.

I use Google docs so often now for almost all my writing work, the sharing is so easy, I can take the web upload code Google Docs gives me and load it into Moodle, the Student interface I use as a lecturer, and the students can see my lectures so easily, and get the updates as and when I make then instantly.

Architectural Technologist – Google Spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheets are just a way of life for the technologist, I use both numbers the mac product, and google sheets! the later being the predominant offering.

I find the google spreadsheet an ideal product, just because it’s so much like excel! and so easy to share. The video below is the latest updates that have been applied to the product.

Google sheets and the doc program are the best and cheapest way for me to write,  and the ease of sharing is so good.

I openly recommend students to use the Google Doc site, it saves on all that Microsoft office software, gives them stacks of storage space, one of the best email programs and access to so many other apps, the translate app is the one I use a lot, for me any overseas student who is struggling with English, should be using it to write in their mother tongue, and translating to english to submit to their tutor.


Architectural Technologist – Google Docs

My use of Google Docs is known, I write there, and use the spreadsheet to keep my CPD records, so when I saw this excellent little video on YouTube I thought neat, perhaps I should spend a little time and catch up on some of the commands.

First though take a look at this web site and see the code in action, then scroll down and watch the video, it shows such a great way to import data from tables in web sites and there are many.

It's has made me sit and think, what else can I use it for, so in the future I will let you know.