Google Travel Log

CDM SheetIt’s a little scary, but I quite like the ability to check where I have been over the last month of so, ok I know my diary will tell me, but the actual proof is the map log Google produces,as the Google Travel Log the slightly scary bit is most people do not know this is happening in the background, but me being the tech I am, its fine with me.

Easter has been a bit of a catchup, I still have been into Uni helping the final year students detail their projects, plus a little trip to Gloucester college to do much the same with the HNC students.

I have also been writing like fury, trying to get presentations sorted and add a little more to my book on Architectural Technology, I am not sure how to launch this, wait till its completed, or do like so many seem to do, and upload it a chapter at a time, the latter looks good to me, I’ll see.

I have been adding more to the CDM presentation, together with adding documents and article I have found on the internet, the best and the one I am using a lot is the CITB site, their list of pdf documents is really good, use the link to the right for “CDM Industry guidance”.

As the academic year comes to a close, I plan to catchup on a few articles, and books I have read recently, I seem to be fixated on the birth of the USA, the war of independence and a little on the civil war, a fascinating point in History, and the links I have via my family name, to the USA.

I have also been reading the odd Architectural book and also been purchasing a few, a Classic is the Chings “Architectural Graphics”, and Magdalena Droste’s very excellent book “Bauhaus”, a book that opens up so many questions and point of construction , it seems the ideas were great, but lacked construction detail.

I also managed to pick up an old copy of “The Architectural Review” Jan 1907, a classic new year review, and full of detail, and adverts for products.

I have to do a presentation on doors and detailing, when I return from the Easter break, the presentation below is the result of a few days research, please use as you see fit.

Google is becoming more important to me, both the way I use gmail, and Google Docs, I use Apple machines, but I had chance to play on a Google Chrome Book recently, and it does all I want plus more, with the exception of CAD, so how come I have spent over £2000 on a new Mac, I am wondering that to !.

Autocad has a easy to use web internet version of their standard product, but it lacks some finer points so simple stuff only, but it shows the way.

Todays photo is of my CDM table I use to plot safety points on my drawings, updated with colour.

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