CostX & BIM

cmprose1Yesterday, I spent all day watching and participating in a day long intensive course on the use of CostX, at Birmingham City University, it was as good as I had hoped, opening up all sorts of questions, all good I might add.

First and for most, is the way we draw, it has never been more important, to understand layering , and the correct use of blocks, the way Costx can use these simple yet so important drawing techniques is really good, when you see a QS, who knows how to use Costx, building up a really detailed cost plan just by importing a good dwg, even a good pdf is a boon to speed.

The old idea of taking off has found BIM, and Costx use of its internal cad engine lets you import your 3D model or 2D information sheets and within minutes you have a cost being built.

But it needs correct layering, so all you single layer guys who change the colour, forget it, you need to layer correctly, and use Blocks.

WordPress 4 is out, and there is a raft of new functions, the best is the youtube link, just add the url and its loaded,,,,,,,,, nice.

You might know how I like North points on my drawings, well todays photo is one I found recently, just,,,,,,,,, excellent.


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