Architectural Technologist – Google Think Quarterly



Once a quarter, as the name implosion, Google send out a magazine, it usually has about 5 or 6 long article looking at the future of the net, computing, and they are written by big names in the industry, this month Esther Dyson have a column, but it's the open article for this month I find most intriguing, written by Jonathan Rosenberg I think still part of Google, writes a long but fascinating article on the future of open.

As I watch the way Apple tightly control the direction of it's technology and as far as it can any one else's, I constantly find google's open interface and less big brother attitude to be quite refreshing, to the point I have almost made my mind to switch from my Google iPhone 4 to Android, I,ll let you know if this happens but the Samsung Galaxy III looks so good.

You might be asking if this is CPD, well of course it is, I constantly get asked if reading article on the Internet, computing,science is CPD, and it has to be, we design for ,with and against some times all aspects of computing, so it's a must to keep up, with quality reading, this I counted as a 10 in my CPD list, and I claimed 1.5 hours

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